Brakes again

So I’ve basically ignored the Twizy since before Christmas, left it outside, knowing the brakes would need looking at before I started using it again. I asked Renault to have a look just before Xmas and they fobbed me off with a “they’re not binding”.

So this weekend I stripped the calipers, cleaned, lubed and reassembled. Everything is good, silky smooth pistons, calipers move freely on pins.

However the brake pads are still scuffing when moving, this goes away when brakes applied. So I’m thinking either the brakes aren’t self centering, a disc isn’t round (although i did check for this) or the handbrake cable needs adjustment (although it seems spot on when applied, totally gripping at the top of the lever range).

What else could I be missing?

A fresh coating of rust? Only takes a few hours to coat the disks.

Does it happen after braking hard(ish) and then driving for a couple of miles?

I took it out straight away yesterday for a blast with lots of braking to re-bed them, got annoyed it was still there, so found an empty stretch of road to do some hard braking to really get the brakes up to temp.
No complaints with the performance of the brakes, working well enough to lock the wheels and range is saying nothing is sticking. Took it into work this morning too but I cant say I noticed any fresh rust.

Doesnt seem to be any rhyme or pattern, nor does the scuff sound the same, i.e. it’s not the same side/wheel that is scuffing.

I’ve just become one of those cars that go “scuff, scuff, scuff” down the road, not the reason i thought people would look at the Twizy for.

Okay it was worth asking. Are you sure people can hear the sound outside the car?

No thanks, I’m trying to think of everything adm, so all input is appreciated.
It’s definitely audible as it was commented on by someone at work as i drove through the carpark.
Previously on some cars they’ve supplied 3m tape to stick the pads to the calipers, I wonder if the pads arent retracting with the piston/caliper.

I didn’t suggest that as you said it all moved freely. The pads would follow but they can sometimes be a bit slow. Are the pads clean? As I used o get the noise once the rust had been scraped of by the pads. It would take a few miles for the rust now on the pads to disappear.

I just got my brake caliper (or what they Are called) replaced on warranty on my 2013 Twizy. After that I have had no trouble with the breakers

Just a small update, not 100% cured, but regular italian (brake) tune-ups have somewhat reduced the noise, especially hard pulsing braking from top speed down to walking speed. It’s definitely that the pads aren’t retracting properly. Occasionally they all line up properly and the Twizy is silent.
I’ve spoken to a few guys here at work and I’ll deffo use the 3M brake squeal tape next time I strip them, they also say I need to find a big hill to really get the brakes red hot, then if there any pad issues they should burn away.