So I’ve recently put my ex-dealer Twizy through its 2nd service (first for me), its done a total of 6,000 miles, 5,000 of which has been done in the last 9 months.

After the service they informed me that the rear brake pads are down to 10%, put the front pads have more that 60%.

My experience of cars is that brake pads wear normal 70% to the front 30% at the rear, certainly not the other way around. Since owning the car I have sent the vehicle back twice because I could hear a rubbing from the rear brakes, the dealer claims this is normal?!

Should I be arguing the point with Renault or is this situation normal and I just need to fork out for the replacements?

Thanks everyone, Chris

mine goes in on friday for rubbing brakes its not normal i should know i used to own a garage the brakes really arnt fit for purpose but renault are never going to admit that are they

Mine has never really suffered from this problem.
But I use my Twizy almost every day.
Once in a while it stands for a few days and then I do hear the brakes.
My original brake pads were replaced at 12,000 miles


I’m still on my original Pads but only done 10,000 miles. You will always hear a bit of brake rub as you are not in an enclosed box and sat closer to the brakes. The good think is they didn’t try to tell your discs had worn.

Hi my pads and discs only lasted 1000miles and after 2 moths of arguing go in tomorrow to be replaced. As far as the wear difference front to rear would it perhaps have to do with it being rear wheel driven? Also bear in mind you can get pads elsewhere MUCH cheaper than dealer prices

Also available from a member on here, who will also fit if local to him @Lightly. Some members have used him for the supply and then either fitted them themselves or got a local garage to do it. There is nothing different to fitting than on an ICE car.

My Twizy is approaching 10K miles and I am still on the original pad and discs. I have got pads from @Lightly but I haven’t had them fitted yet. Before my next service in April I will get my local garage to check the conditon of my discs and pads and fit new ones if necessary. I don’t want to be stung by the Renault dealer.
I will also get the garage to clean and lubricate the calipers as I believe they corrode as reported by some forum members.

I’ve had my 2nd hand twizy for 9 months and had new pads fitted by the dealer just after I got it (it had 10k miles on the ol’ clock, so I didn’t argue too much at the time).
However, my Front Offside (Right side) wheel has terrible brake binding problems, especially after braking meduim-hard, i.e as you might need to do in normal driving conditions.

  1. This week I decided to take the M4 instead of the A40 out to sunny Ruislip (from Clapham). My absolute top speed on the 70mph bit was 45mph with my foot flat, motor straining and the smell of burning pad, all the while holding the steering wheel against the pull to the right! Once I’d burned off what must have been a few mm of pad over 2 miles the top speed picked up and it drove straight and without smell. i was expecting more than 51… ;-). However I got to my destination with 1 mile left instead of 10, its only a 20 mile journey!
  2. In Clapham last week the brake was stuck again and I spun 90deg while making a right turn (accelerating) into a smaller road, which is meant to be impossible. It was raining and the road was very wet, but I’m familiar with the intersection and didn’t do anything differently.

I actually try to drive without pressing the brake more than enough to make the light come on, but that isn’t safe.

What do you guys reckon are my chances of getting Renault to fix this under Warranty?

I have had a nightmare trying to get mine sorted and it was 51wks old with 1100 miles on the clock. Contact renault uk and see what they say.

If Renault will not sort it under warranty and that appears to be down to the dealer you use, then the alternative is to use a local garage. There are a number of video instructions on this site for cleaning the calipers and pistons which tend to corrode if you fancy having a go your self. This work is the same as an ICE car or a Motorbike.

Shame you are so far South as @Lightly would do it in his garage. He has done his own.

but why should we mine is in on friday for gearbox whine and binding brakes i expect them to sort both out its only 8 months old and clearly the brakes arnt fit for purpose they should have an outer seal to stop water ingress on the pistons

Brakes seems to be one of the most common problems with the Twizy. I completely agree, compared to a regular car they don’t appear to be fit for purpose and as @kEbV found out, they could be dangerous! Renault need to sort out this design flaw before someone gets injured.

they are such a problem and are clearly replacing so many that they are on back order from renualt uk so god knows when I will get mine back!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont you just love paying for something which you cannot even use!!

well the gearbox has deemed to have an issue they are going to change the oil and the old oil will be checked for metal particles the brakes are as good as they get which the mechanic freely admits arnt to the job should have dust covers he said and he is right so waiting the call and will no more soon i hope

I live in Ruislip 10 minutes from Eascote station, next time you are around and you’re running low on juice let me know and feel free to use the power supply outside on the drive.

All charging pods around the area cannot take the Twizy plug unless you are willing to drive to Uxbridge.

Pesky brake problem has reared its head again :unamused:
After fitting my new tyres , my Twizy suffered lack of power & pulling under braking.
On Saturday I checked it & the front fight calliper was binding badly. Had to strip it right down & remove the piston, corrosion behind the seals was the issue again, 40 mins & all was well again . Trouble is I only did this job about 3 months ago, so it’s going to be an ongoing problem.
With all due respect its not a job most owners could do, so best be pricing up some new calipers. I expect they are a fortune .

Hi Lightly, I would definitely be interested in getting new callipers for the front if you manage to find them. I’ve serviced the RHS one already by the issue keeps coming back after a few weeks. Cheers!