Breakdown Cover

It maybe just me but when Renault said breakdown cover was included with the battery lease I assumed it would cover any breakdown / accident etc.
Just to check ( in case of a puncture etc) I asked Renault EV and NO the breakdown cover only covers a breakdown caused by a faulty battery.

Just taken out additional cover for a normal breakdown / accident.

I hope you have been misled. We were assured by Renault finance that the battery rental DOES cover all breakdowns, even for a Twizy old enough to be out of warranty. It was part of their justification for demanding the same monthly rental for a 6 year-old battery!

I also understood it was how they got round no spare wheel or inflating kit.

From email received Friday

“In regards to vehicle recovery it would only be available for issues relating to the battery only. Anything involving the rest of the vehicles is not covered.”

Not impressed with RF so far, nearly 2 months to get rental organised and average of 2 weeks to get email reply.

Can I ask if anyone with a Twizy that is out of the 3 year manufacturers warranty, has ever used the “breakdown” service that is supposed to be included with the monthly battery rental? My rental agreement says breakdown cover is included but does not stipulate exactly what constitutes a “breakdown”, that might be covered. I think it is time the Twizy Forum became a Club for Twizy Owners that could excercise a bit of muscle with regard to this and other issues, such as inconsistencies, between different local authourities over parking, using bus lanes etc. etc.
Being a recognised club gives other benefits such as insurance discounts. Anyone agree???