Breakdown Recovery

Just a “heads up” for any U.K. owner with an early Twizy now out of warranty after 4 years. One of our members has recently been refused breakdown recovery on the grounds that the vehicle is “out of warranty” and no longer qualifies for breakdown assistance.

This was contrary to assurances we had been given that battery rental always did, and continues, to pay breakdown recovery as well as providing for battery replacement. We are urgently trying to get confirmation from Renault that these are indeed the terms of the renewed battery contract, but it appears that some breakdown recovery dispatchers are currently refusing cover, and offering (in our case) £90 per call-out plus an over-mileage fee.

Hopefully, Renault will direct their breakdown company to offer the service for which we’re paying, although the worrying thing is that the breakdown company knew that the vehicle in question was “out of warranty” - it sounds like Renault may inadvertently have removed all the old Twizies from the recovery database.

If it wasn’t inadvertent, I think that makes the continued battery charge of £45 (in our case) even more outrageous.

I thought the 4+ scheme only covers roadside assistance for 4 years only.

I thought it was only ever a breakdown recovery service - I’m not sure there’s much roadside assistance you could expect an AA man to be able to do with a Twizy. I hope we will still be covered for breakdown recovery, otherwise we need to campaign for a reduced battery charge, since that (we were told) was what we were paying for. If we aren’t, we’ll need to add it to our vehicle insurance.

Roadside cover is what they call it, but as you said, it just basically means recovery.
I was never told that leasing the battery gave me roadside cover. If it is not in the contract we signed with RCI it will be difficult to make them honour it, even if the salesman told you that is the case. Anyone can be bothered to check the contract?

I to believed the battery rental covered breakdown recovery and flat tyres as there is no spare and no bodge it can.

… or so I was told by Renault. Let’s hope they stick to their word

In a recent letter from them they stated that through not paying a battery rental the breakdown and recovery service which is part of the battery rental would not be applicable for the vehicle

On the Renault Twizy Battery page dated 1/08/2016

It states:-

Battery Rental for Twizy including VAT (with Assistance for all breakdowns)*

*Additional combinations of terms and mileages are available, please consult your local Renault ZE dealer. Finance and hire facilities are provided by RCI Financial Services Limited t/a Renault Finance and are subject to status.

The situation isn’t quite resolved yet, but we have now been assured that the breakdown recovery people (AXA) will continue to provide breakdown recovery after the 4 year Renault manufacturers warranty expires for battery related problems. It remains to be established whether other reasons for the car being immobile will be accepted, so be sure to insist that yours is a battery problem if you need to call them out for a Twizy out of warranty.

Everything is a battery problem. If you cannot get home to charge, then it is a battery problem. Even if it is a flat tyre. :grin:

I am pleased to report that AXA has confirmed that full recovery for all kinds of breakdown - whether obviously battery-related or not - continues to be provided as part of your mandatory (in the UK) battery rental.

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That’s good to know, thanks!