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Brighton Driver Event: 14-16 June, 2013

[FONT=arial]Hey folks, [/FONT]

[FONT=arial]In my new role at Zero Carbon World, I’ll be responsible for helping organise two events in Brighton on the 14-16 June, 2013.[/FONT]

[FONT=arial]Our hope is that it will be the biggest gathering of electric cars in Europe, and we’ll be looking to local and not-so-local electric car drivers to attend. [/FONT]

[FONT=arial]We’ve already got a number of european drivers and driver groups interested, and we hope to see a tour from Tesla owners, and other European drivers![/FONT]

[FONT=arial]At the moment, the planning is in its early stages, but I can tell you that it will run alongside the 2013 Eco Technology Show in Brighton (14-15 June). ZCW will have a stand at both events, and we hope there’ll be an awesome display of electric cars at both.[/FONT]

[FONT=arial]Zero Carbon World is very keen for this event to be an event for electric car drivers BY electric car drivers. At the moment, we’ve got Maderia drive booked for the entire event. [/FONT]

[FONT=arial]In order to help folks attend and get there, we’re now looking to find local B&Bs, hotels and campsites we can work with to provide EV owners with great accommodation and charging.[/FONT]

[FONT=arial]In the next week, I’ll put together an official survey, asking you your preferences in terms of accommodation, charging, and also show structure. [/FONT]

[FONT=arial]For now, I’d like you to respond to this post with your thoughts about such an event. [/FONT]

[FONT=arial]I know it might seem strange to ask the community’s thoughts NOW on the event, but it’s important that ZCW plans the event that EVERYONE wants. [/FONT]

[FONT=arial]I want to be as open as possible to suggestions, and criticisms, so don’t hold back! [/FONT]


I’d like to come along and I was thinking about stop overs etc when you posted here.

As I live so far north I’d trailer the Twizy down behind my motorhome. So I’m looking for a site for that with a charging point. M/h doesn’t need hookup.


If I have an EV by then I would be sure to go, sounds great! Is there any charging at any service stations on the roads from London to brighton, I think that might sway a lot of Twizy drivers.

It’s an area that I’m keen to explore, and an area that I’ve made ZCW fully aware will need to be addressed to get limited-range EV drivers down from London. I should note however, that I can’t promise anything at the moment: ZCW does have limited resources when it comes to supporting every single route into Brighton :wink:

There’s going to be a questionnaire soon, which I’ve written already and hopefully should be published in the next two weeks. Then I’d urge everyone to complete it, so that we know exactly who and what will turn up! :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

Just a little update on this all:

After some long discussions, and some really deep thought, we’ve changed the plans a little. I’m hoping that it will be much more palatable for everyone.

First, and most importantly, the event in Brighton:

On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June, we’re going to have Madeira drive open for free electric car parking and charging. Obviously, to make sure everyone gets a charge, we’re going to have to ask those who are interested in coming down to Brighton to raise a hand. :slight_smile:

These two days are also the two days that the 2013 Eco Technology Show is open. Details are yet to be confirmed, but we’re not hoping to get a nice large electric car display inside the venue – which is just over the road from Madeira drive-- as well as a main stage event packed with EV goodness.

Because the Friday is mainly a trade show day, the main stage events will most likely happen on Saturday. We’ve already got some great EV guests confirmed, and some interested. More on that when the bookings are final! :slight_smile:

On Sunday, 16 June, we’re hoping that Madeira drive will form the start of a European Tesla driver tour, which will snake its way south west and then all around the U.K. I say Tesla, but of course, anyone willing to make the round-country trip will be welcome. There will be a minimum mileage requirement every day however, and we’ve yet to formalise a route, price or accommodation.

(Think of this as a very early plan for the interest of openness and accountability.)

Onto the rest of the Big EVent…

For most folks, Brighton is a long way away by car. By electric car, it’s even more of a marathon. (My recent trip there took 6 hours in the Leaf, rapid charging 3 times.)

As The Big EVent is meant to be BY drivers FOR drivers, it seemed a little unfair that we were essentially asking drivers of limited-range electric cars to make a huge trip to one south-coast location in order to take part.

If we had unlimited pockets, or the U.K. already had a great quick charge infrastructure, the trip wouldn’t be as daunting. But we’re a charity with limited funds, and we know how long it takes you to travel long distances in the Twizy!

As a consequence, we felt that those with jobs, or those with young children, may well not have attended.

Instead, we’ve decided to arrange a series of nationwide events on Saturday 15 June. They will take place alongside the main EVent in Brighton, and hopefully give Twizy and other EV drivers a way of taking part without taking on a marathon drive.

It will, essentially, become a nationwide Plug-in car day.

Here’s where YOU come in.

If you want to visit Brighton, we’d love to see you there. I’m going to be there, as will the rest of the Zero Carbon World team, the main stage, and the guest panelists.

However, if it’s a long way, or you’re worried about the time commitment, maybe you can help locally?

We’re looking for regional volunteers to help organise a local display of plug-in cars in your area on June 15, 2013. As a charity, we can’t pay you, but we will be able to give you assistance with publicity, press packs, and lots of phone calls!

Once volunteered and chosen, we’ll find a local Zero:Net location to host your event, and then introduce you. If there’s not a Zero:Net location in your area, don’t worry. We’ll help you find somewhere to host.

Ideally, we’ll need to spread events out so they’re not too close together. At the moment, we’ve got one planned for Brighton, and one in Bristol. The rest of the U.K. is up to you!

You’ll then have to rally around the local EV owners to encourage your fellow plug-in drivers to take part for the day.

ON the day, you’ll be required to:

  • Talk to members of the public about your car, answering questions about life with a plug-in car, charging, range, etc. )
  • Be available for the entire day (9am start until 5pm)
  • Have fun! :slight_smile:

It’s hoped that we’ll be able to sort out some form of “Skype In” between the locations, so that those in remote locations can see and hear the MainStage events while those in remote locations can link back to Brighton with a virtual presence. Again, this is early-day planning, so this may all change over the coming months.

If you’re interested in taking part, perhaps you could reply to the post, or direct message me with contact details?

Alternatively, give me a buzz on my work number: +44 122 586 9439, or email nikki dot gordon-bloomfield at zero carbon world (remove spaces) dot org.

Be great to get this going as a reg event. My dealer in tunny wells said there is rumours of a reg Brighton event as they do for MINI and the classic cars in the near future for TWIZY owners. Brighton being a green city and haveing a few charging posts as well makes it ideal.

Let’s hope it happens when it’s warmer. It’s a LONG way from Bristol to Brighton in a Twizy!

Our Big EVent will be a nationwide affair, with plug-in events all around the U.K. I’m hoping that some Twizy owners from the south will come to Brighton, but there should also be regional events for those who are just too far away to get to Brighton :slight_smile:

I’d be coming from Bolton!! 4 hours!! i think it’ll be worth it though, what dya reckon? it’ll be nice to see more twizys!!

Just so folks know, this event is no more and was cancelled back in Feburary. I’m really sorry that I haven’t mentioned it before now. I feel bad :frowning:

Why was this? I was looking forward to meeting new people!

I think it’s probably inappropriate to go into all the details now. Sufficed to say that there wasn’t the support ZCW or anyone else needed to make it happen.

You are however, welcome to head up to Bristol on June 23. There’s going to be an EV display and procession for SURE!