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British Gas Charge point 'Offer'

You may remember I applied for a free Polar Network point via their website… I was originally told the Twizy didn’t apply, but a letter today said it was my postcode? However British Gas offerred me the ‘opportunity’ to purchase a Single Wall box for… £799. Has a key and charge display with fast charge. (Didn’t know the Twizy battery was good for this)… Web address link is britishgas.co.uk/electricvehicle.

Scoured it and free point applies:
[FONT=Arial]Within certain geographical areas (currently London, Midlands, East Anglia and Milton Keynes) you may apply for a free Chargemaster Homecharge unit for your electric vehicle. [/FONT]

But only for owers of the following vehicles:
[FONT=Arial]Offer is subject to Terms and Conditions, and acceptance, and is available for a limited period. This Offer is only currently available for the following vehicles: Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan LEAF, Vauxhall Ampera, Chevrolet Volt, Renault Zoe* and other Electric Vehicles equipped with a J1772 socket. (*A Type 2 socket is available for the Renault Zoe.)

Source (followed link from the British Gas site):

How much!!!

No quick charge on the Twizy. Outdoor socket and fitting a round £100, add a padlock if it cannot be isolated. However if you are planning to replace the Twizy with another bigger EV then a type 2 socket would be fine but not for the Twizys we have.

Yes, I don’t understand the need for a specialist point either!

I fitted my own MK waterproof socket on a RCD from the consumer unit - no worries: Just thought you’d like to see the positioning of British Gas trying to create a niche.

I guess the free areas have some council funding?

The revolution is coming…

It’s funded by OLEV so we are all paying for this :rolleyes:

There’s not a single public point in our county town, Hereford, as far as I am aware-would the money not be spent better there?

Maybe you could tell your local council about Zero Carbon World? Our donations now include a Type 2 Charging Station (for larger electric cars like the Leaf, iMiev etc.) and a 13 Amp Socket. :slight_smile:

i did the same as a few, had an electrician install a power point out side the house, £100