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Broke down twizy

Has anyone had their Twizy broke down? Mine totally stopped Saturday night at midnight in the middle of traffic lights going up a hill. Big “beep” and said “stop” on the dashboard and managed to get it pushed off the road and into a local petrol station for storage for the night. Wouldn’t turn on and had 17 miles range left and currently 3500 miles on the clock, we use it for promotion for a pizza business. Next day was getting the recovery sorted and pushing it out of the lock up and decided to turn it on and then it works. Currently at a Renault dealership get checked out. Anybody experienced the same problem?

I have never experienced this but…
It will be interesting to see what they say.

If it had been somewhere warmer and your were using it a lot for deliveries then I wondered if it was an overheating issue.

It was a pretty wet night and wondering if it was something to do with that. Was hardly used that night because it was pretty wet.

May be the wet but I and a few others have been through some pretty wet patches, big puddles.
I have scooped up snow with the bash plate on the Twizy. Perhaps a loose seal on yours.

As this is Renault we will probably never get to find out the real reason.

I would imagine that you have a failing cell in a battery or a poor connection. The Twizy relies on the tiny battery to be in good working order, or the whole thing shuts down.
Glad you posted this, let us know what happens, I am sure Renault will have the equipment to trace the fault

It’s a shame you didn’t have OVMS installed, as it would give us a clue or two to figure out what went wrong. :(.

“It was a pretty wet night …”
In Germany the plug to the battery-pack which is mounted at the bottom of the car is known for producing such kind of errors.
In some cases the dealer has exchanged the whole Battery-pack. They are not allowed to exchange only the plug.

I similar problem it was sticking accelerator causing conflict and only occurred when damp took 2 visits to dealership before the witnessed problem and it was fixed

Got the Twizy back and seems to be fine so far. Dealers were in contact with technical as they couldn’t find any faults. They changed there battery at the front of the Twizy, it’s a small one for the general electrics. Glab to have it back for one of the best days of the year.

Guess work then, let’s hope it’s ok :slight_smile:

Twizy has broke down again. Same thing happened, just stopped when driving and had loads of charged. Got it recovered this time and wouldn’t turn on again. Renault have had it over a week and no up dates. Guessing game still.

They changed the 12V battery at the front last time, right? Did any one check the battery before trying to recharge it this time?

It might be a broken 12V charger that is damaging or at least not charging the 12V batteries correctly. Might be over charging and boiling them, which is why it worked with a new one for a while.

Like you say just guess work. Good Luck hope they find the issue soon.

Bad luck. Looks like you’ve got a Friday car! Hope they sort it out properly this time. Let us know what the problem is.

Does anyone know if the Recovery for the Twizy covers everything. I am thinking about a puncture. Of course there is no spare tyre, not even a jack.

I was recovered after an accident. ALSO - I have now been waiting nearly three months because Renault cannot source a new Continental Tyre - which is very worrying if you did get a serious puncture / side wall damage.

I could get you a new Continental on Monday, just got my front hub today, took 6 weeks :mrgreen:

3 months for a tyre?!

That is worrying news!

[quote=“James;4808”]3 months for a tyre?!

That is worrying news![/quote]

It’s not new either. I ended up buying a different tyre for the rear wheel because continentals weren’t available back in OCTOBER!

YEP - Still waiting! After the original saga of the sticking throttle, I have now been waiting since Feb for my car to be repaired. I have had to open a second complaint to Renault CS so that I can get them to investigate. On Monday I was filled with such hope as the lady from CS said Wednesday - I will ring you on Thursday to see how things have gone. Rang the dealer on Wed to check - no awareness of any parts. Rang Renault again today and they are puzzled as they spoke to the garage on Tuesday and the dealer ‘claim’ they had the parts. She seemed a bit shocked when I rang her again today at 3pm to state that I had heard nothing. She was to contact them straight away but by 5pm, still no reply. I have stayed enthusiastic all of this time but my faith is now very low… If I could chuck the Twizy in the bin now I would. I’m really keen to stay on electric but the Twizy is my only affordable route, with probably pennies for trade in against a Zoe, Fluence or even a Leaf.

Is it front or back you need? I have a rear tyre spare.