Broken hazard light switch

My hazard warning light has stopped working. It’s most likely due to water getting in. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix and how do I go about it. If I need to get a replacement switch, I can’t imagine it’s an easily available part. Help needed soon as my MOT is due in a few months.

Mine is the same.should be able to get fixed under warranty which is 4 years.i might get a look tomorrow to see how easy to get off.and report back.

Mine wasn’t working when I got mine, but have pressed the button in and out a few times and wiggled it about, and it’s now working again. They don’t seem to like lack of use. I press it every time I’m in the car now just to make sure it’s still working. It’s not a waterproof switch, so it will rust.

It’s an insidious fault, because if the switch is left in the “on” position (that’s slightly “out”) but isn’t currently functioning, it can recover when it dries out and leave you with a completely flat 12V battery in the morning - which is an alarming discovery in itself. I have heard that the switch is the same as the one used on the Clio, and isn’t (or wasn’t) weatherproofed in any way. Ours has been replaced by our dealer, but one of our members had a new sent to them by the dealer along with instructions on how to fit it. She said it was pretty straightforward.

Thanks for the advice. I have hit the button about 30 times and it started to work again. I will be hitting the button everyday from now on.

Try applying some water displacing spray, like WD40.

After this has evaporated, apply some silicone spray or Holts Damp Start. This should assist in waterproofing from general rain ingress ( not pressure washer proof though). My silicone spray was bought from Dunelm and works a treat on the OEM Twizy window zips too.


I am surprised that the hazard light switch is not waterproof and is prone to corrosion. You would have thought that Renault would have made all the switchgear waterproof as part of the design. Is there an IP rating anywhere on the switch?

@Pete your waterproofing tips are a good idea!