Broken plastics


The plastic panel above the drivers head dame loose this morning, and the grey ( what looks like fibreglass) panel underneath that supports the cabling was cracked. Took it to renault who found that the grey fibreglass extends all the way Inder the roof and therefore will need to go back to the body shop for major work once all the parts are ordered. My question is, has anyone had this happen before, and are parts for the Twizy way to order by Renault from France? Or is it a huge wait?


Not heard of that before. The Twizy is built in Spain. I’m afraid there may be a long wait, at least you can still use the Twizy. Not like needing brake parts.

Any chance of some pictures?

They have ordered the parts and said it can take some time as you say. It looks like a big job as it’s all cracked.
However I can still use it which is good. It’s a shame as I only got it on Saturday and it was a low miles demonstrator 2016 model.