Broken Right Glove Box

There you have it. Second day in my Twizy and I’ve already broke something.
In attempting to open the right glove box for the first time today, I twisted the key, pulled up, didn’t open, pulled up harder (still not that much force), and POP! It opened. With the plastic piece still locked to the dashboard.

First of all, what is the point of making a lockable glove box that is so easily broken open? I was only using 3 fingers…
Second - has anyone else experienced this? Do I just contact my dealer for a replacement lid?

It’s a Renault, get used to it!

Why they put the lock to the right hand side I have no idea, it’s so easy to get your fingers underneath the left hand side and rip it open. Ditto the Hazard Switch. An internal one off another Renault won’t do but Renault seem to think so. Unsurprisingly the thing gets moisture in it and packs up. WD40 does the trick though.

Still love it though and would hate to see it leave “the family”… I have more fun it that than all my other trusty steeds…