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In the german forum somebody discovered some time ago what is called there “Heinzelmännchen”, which translate i guess to brownie. Little people driving the twizy in our absence :slight_smile:
To understand the effect, here is a video i made today:

At the beginning it doesnt work every time, because i didnt have the time right. But start at 8:30.

That should work with every twizy, so try it out. Switch twizy on, drive 5 m forwards, 5 m backwards (dont know if driving is neccesary), switch twizy off. Wait 15 to 25 seconds (i counted to 23 in my mind), switch twizy on and the day-km-counter will have some extra distance. The main counter will add up to. In the video i drove back and forward for a maximum total of 200 m, but the counter gained 3,5 km.

Dont know if that is known here.

Sorry, I don’t get it. Is there any point in doing it, or is it just a bit of fun. It seems that the Twizy is clocking up miles/km without actually travelling the distance. And does it only work at 8.30. As I said I don’t really get it.

Everytime you switch off your twizy and let it rest longer than 20 seconds, it adds around 0.2 km/miles. The video is just to make that visible.

8:30 means 8 minutes and 30 seconds in the video :slight_smile: