Brrrr cold early morning

Taken the Twizy out a few times this weekend ( moved house as well so not a huge chance).

Went running at 5:30 this morning and had to drive to the start, which made me realise it’s all about the layers to keep warm and not worry about the holes.

Going up a bit of a hill I could only get to 40 odd mph is that about right?

Going to do a test drive to station tomorrow to see how that goes.

Oh and the parrot is pretty good for streaming music actually with the speakers better than I expected and I can hear them while driving! Not sure the effect on the battery using it though

Never noticed any difference using the Parrot on mine.
I also have a DAB radio fitted that works thru, the Parrot :smile:


Parrot uses the 12v battery which receives charge as you drive. I doubt this will have any impact on your traction battery.:+1:

Thanks Pete, Of course I forgot about that battery - it will be the same for the lights / heater etc I imagine