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Bumpy motor

Thanks for your advice.

It’s my intention to give the brakes a once over soon.

I’ve just downloaded a workshop manual and the connection between motor and gearbox appears to be a splined shaft.

No flexibility or rubber in there :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, i was wondering if you can tell me where you managed to download the copy of the workshop manual for the Twizy? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Monty.

Yes. It’s a bit sketchy but has what I’ve needed so far.

See link below.




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Hi, I have exactly this sound on my 2012 T80, this sort of “should I stay or should I go now” uncertainty happens every time the foot comes up, I was convinced it was wear in the CV joints, but the explanation by @kennethnilsen69 actually makes perfect sense ! At last I have some sort of idea of what might be happening, do you think I can teak the adjustments using an OVMS module (came with the car) ?
Cheers !


Perhaps check your brakes. When your brakepistons or the levers of the handbrake are sticky (and I bet they are) it will take force to overcome the resistance. Every form of play will be magnified.

You are right, both pistons and especially handbrake levers are sticky ! How does one go about getting those to move nice & freely again ? I’m dreading complete overhaul and changing all the seals and gaskets :frowning:
Thanks for your precious insight !

Hi, I don’t hear any noise.

  1. Change the gearbox oil.
  2. If you have experience download the gearbox and check the two bearings … the engine is one and the other that also holds the engine is mounted on the gearbox. I guess the second is for a change.
    Good luck ???!!!

Did you ever solve this?
Having watched the video - mine decided to play copycat it seems…

There is a lot of play in these gearboxes and they do ‘clunk’. As said before change the oil and they do quieten down.

Hi, I had this very unnerving noise, I changed the gearbox oil, very slight reduction in the noise, but still very bothering “clunk clunk” every time some torque is sent to the wheels after free wheeling. I had hope some tuning could alleviate through the OVMS, but nope, this is clearly mechanical. Still unsure if it is CV joints or internal to gearbox, but gut feeling is somewhere along the transmission outside of gearbox.
These knocks don’t bode well on wear and tear on all elements from motor to wheels :frowning:

No but on a positive note I’ve since driven the Twizy ~2000 miles and it hasn’t got any worse.

Let’s put it down to “it’s supposed to sound like that”!

So any ideas what this is…

Down by the fuse box - has a push button on the end…?!

The gear boxes are noisy and Renault took mine apart 7 years ago and said oh it’s meant to be like that and then made me wait while they got a new gasket. The noise hasn’t change or got worse, just the oil change makes it less clunky.

The picture looks like the handbrake switch.

handbrake solenoid :grinning:

I removed mine , always getting stuck on.

What is a handbrake solenoid? Something to do with the ignition needing to be on to release the handbrake?
I’d like to stick it back where its supposed to be!

Ahhh. That’s what is missing from mine!

the solenoid locks the handbrake in place when the ignition is off to prevent the twizy from moving.

although its easy to remove and disable :rofl:

Thanks for the assistance. I thought it was some kind of security thing. I have a separate immobiliser system in place anyway.
Just dropped it off for the MOT - now I have a day prepping the love them or hate them wheels…

Cool :heart_eyes: