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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Bumpy motor

It is a VERY bad design flaw, the motor has only one bearing for its rotor and thus it can ‘wiggle’ a bit on the gearbox shaft, it get’s worse the more mileage you have. Oh btw replacing the shaft is possible, but the price for it tripled since last year August … guess after a lot of people fixing their Twizys Renault got quite greedy? It is almost better to get a new gearbox instead of just replacing the shaft.

@zaphod it depends on how bad it is, right now we are testing a small company here in Germany which is able to repair/replace the part on the motor rotor if the wear is too bad. I can ask if I am allowed to upload the manual here :slight_smile: it is in German but the guys who created it took many pictures which help a lot!

Oh and the clunking sound does NOT come from this, what you see here is a bad design error which might lead to the Twizy not able to drive anymore.

Many thanks again @green_fox, very helpful facts and info !
From the pictures you sent, it seemed the klonk issue is to do with the differential (satellites ?), there seemed to be a modification to be applied three times, but I couldn’t quite grasp what mod was involved (looked like adding a washer thingy…). Nor how the klonk derives from these parts.
Is there any early warning sign that the motor shaft is about to be ground to the point of losing grip, or does it just rip through and the motor revs up like mad whilst the car starts free wheeling ?