Business purchase twizy

Hi everyone,

Has anyone purcased a twizy through their company?
Myself and partner have a limited company and live 4 miles away from our main client, so 8-10 miles a day. I’ve hired twizys before and we’re in the automotive industry so more than aware of them.
I want to sell my personal car this year and lease through the company and milage wise the twizy is perfect.

So i decided to ring around today and get some quotes.

So far i have
£250-275 pm from Renault Crewe, they said understood my confusion that this seemed expensive as a twingo is only £120 pm

“Twizys are ending production so we cant quote you” from Lookers Cheshire

And stafford Renault are looking into it for me.

Online lease websites suggest £150+ without batteries is norm.

Is it me or do the prices for Twizys seem high compared to other cars in that price range (citygo skoda, twingo etc)

Has kinda put a dampener on my Twizy enthusiasm.

Hi, welcome.
Depends on what you want the Twizy for. If it is purely for economical reasons, you will be disappointed. It’s not the cheapest “car” to run. I have always said an ICE eco box is cheaper.
But for fun and novelty there is nothing to beat it. And the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off. For the type of journey you described it will be perfect.

Seriously if you can afford to, I would just buy a nearly new second hand one. For around £5K you can pick something up relatively new with lots of warranty remaining and in 3 years time you could sell it and get £2K back which means you’ve only lost £3K. Even if you went for the cheaper lease of £150 a month that’s going to cost you £5.5K at the end of 3 years and you won’t have anything to show for it.

In my opinion it makes no sense to lease or PCP such a cheap car, buy it, use it, sell it and keep the change. However as mentioned by askho you can run cheaper cars but they just blend into the background. If you want fun and the thrill of driving, but at a much slower and safer speed than a hot hatch for example, then buy the Twizy.

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i bought mines personally but the accountant said i can charge the battery fee back to the company and charge it at work…

i really shouldnt sell it but its not getting used as much the now due to me needing more room when driving

I am in a similar position, I want to buy one through my ltdco mainly for commuting to/from the station. I think I will be looking to buy second hand, preferably trom a trade seller so I can reclaim the VAT. Will just need to wait for the right Twizy to come up!

Well i think ive found one, just need to have a word with the accountant and then do the deal.
Not sure there’ll be too much room for haggling but i feel £5500 (inc vat) would be acceptable to buy outright and write off over three years

i would say £2500 would be better for you :wink:

Unfortunately doors and a decent length warranty are requirements, but good luck :smile:

its funny even in the wet people think the doors are great. i have never been hit by rain once when driving in the twizy

yeh i get why it would be annoying when trying to sell, that it’s off putting, but also not really an issue.

Myself and parter will both be commuting in it, so it’s partly to prevent whichever one of us is passenger (at this rate me) from the wind/splashback and also partly that I’ll be parking it on the street during the week and dont want the kids nearby to attempt to jump in. We’ll prob try and get some windows as a deterrent more than protection.

Is it worth trying to advertise in gumtree areas in cornwall or on the coast? Also maybe the “Jersey car forum” facebook page as a doorless twizy would be perfect on the island.

p.s. on a side note, does anyone split lanes in the twizy, there’s potentially an opportunity to do so on my route, but wondering if it’s the “done” thing?