Busted door

Just got out of my twiz. Off side door opens way way to far forward. Open assist works till were it used to then weight of door drops it forward. No assist to lift it back until half way closed.

Pissed off with fault on three month old car!!!

Surely a warranty issue?

Bloody hope so. Hopefully work can be done at my nearest dealer. I bought this one from a dealer 50+ miles away!

Hello, This just happened to me today. Got off the car and the left door opened beyond the limit point, going forward. It was hard to get it back to the close and I’ll try to check later today what happened. How did they solve this for you at the dealer?

I found out what the issue is. The rubber piece that serves as a stopper for the door when opening it, broke.

The metal piece of the door that hits the rubber got into the crack and pulled it away from its position.

I believe it’s the part number 64 in the diagram (2 in the door diagram).

I’ll contact the dealer tomorrow to order the piece and hope it is a reasonable price for a piece of rubber.


Good to know if you have doors. I guess one has to be careful on abusing this rubber stopper. Thanks for the diagrams, it helps.

Boggers, the same thing happened to me yesterday in a 10 month old Twizy. It actually happened at the right door, which is the one that we use most, but since it happened that quickly I am not too confident. I’m thinking about taking it to Renault and see what they have to say about it although they do not strike me as too competent over here. Therefore I was also considering doing the replacement myself.

I was wondering though, how does one proceed? There is so little space, and even though the side cover popped loose, there doesn’t seem to be enough space to work. Should one remove the headlight and the storage compartment? Any tips?

Same here this morning! ~2.5 years old.

Have you made any progress?

@JJLalas did you ever get a price for the rubber stopper from your dealer?

I’m not sure what price they told me, sorry it was some time ago. It might’ve been on the 25-50€ range. I ended up fixing it using a bicycle tube, like in this tutorial:


I know it’s been a while, but any idea where to find the part number (10 digits)? My dealer couldnt find it on the drawings he was digging through on the website. It only shows the larger metal piece the rubber piece connects to.


Never mind, I used this thread to find it:

And here are the part numbers, should anyone need them in the future (see diagram above to verify R vs L!!)

Nice link. Thanks. I sent the dealer these diagrams and they reported back with the price.

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Had my rubber stopper replaced at the local dealer here in Germany. If anyone wants to try this himself, here are the instructions the dealer used (in German)

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