But disappointed with my range

Bit disappointed with my range. Yesterday, I got 42 miles out of my twizy. I did about 32 miles at or below 30, and about 10 miles at around 40. I was very careful with acceleration, and using regen decel/ braking. I was hoping for nearer 50. Is this normal?

I have only done 600 miles in mine but it seems the same as me but I have always recharged before I stopped so maybe I would have done more


I still had 2 miles showing, but it had gone into limp home mode. Mine has done 1300 miles now.

Must say that is a bit disappointing, considering the speed you were doing. Should be getting nearer 50 in the warm weather. Let it run in a bit more and also with time you’ll learn to max out the mileage. Good luck.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the brakes being free. My Twizy always seemed free rolling, but since doing my brakes, it’s way nippier & better on range, also the tyre pressures are crucial.
Make sure that the handbrake levers are returning fully to the stops on the rear calipers, as these have a habit of sticking on slightly.

In comparison to the local dealership Twizy and the one I own now, the brakes seemed to drag and make noise at the local dealer, and could only tell the difference by driving both. The one I took delivery has very little rolling resistance and I get great milage. What I do every drive when it is wet and some rust starts on the discs I give it a good hard stop to clean them off :wink:

I don’t think your 42 miles is too far off the mark, very similar to my findings.
A lot depends on the type of roads you drive.
The best I’ve done is the same as your 42 miles, which was mixed roads with some fast sections.
But I go work everyday and clock a round trip of 16 miles.
In the summer I get home and the gauge reads anywhere from 63% to 70% remaining.
That works out to a range of 43 - 53 miles :smile:


My rear brakes do rub slightly, but the dealer says there’s nothing wrong with them. The twizy does roll freely though.

Good day.
I’m using Twizy in Malta. It is quite hot here and a bit hilly. I have got a range 80-90 km. My speed rarely exceed 60km/h. Mostly it is about 50—55km/h. I am using the advice of another Electric cars dealer. He said: press on accelerator as you kick a ball. Press for a while, then leave it free for recuperation. I read the name for this style somewhere, if my memory is not deceive me, it has a name Coast road driving.
Best regards, Igor

I have done about 200 miles in my Twizy, bought it with 5000 on the clock.

I can hear the pads on the discs but the car rolls freely. I only get around 30 miles in mine as I drive at 50+ everywhere…great fun!

What is said is the Twizy is a 30/50 car.
Drive at 30MPH and range is 50 Miles
Drive at 50MPH and range is 30 Miles

Not exactly but it near enough.

You are so right Chris hills in Sheffield dont help though


Renault does not check the Toe-in when the Twizy leaves the factory. And the Toe-in on the front and / or rear are akward! Check them or let them check, you will be amazed. Make the front and rear 0 (zero) degrees and experience the extra range you get.

You can buy the Gunson G4008 Trakrite on Amazon and do the job yourself. You only have to adjust one side of the front and rear axle and you are done. Satisfaction guaranteed.

All seems very strange that renault dont set up the steering its a basic thing that when you make a car it steers in a straight line but then I am used to quality cars like Jags at our garage


I even had to balance the wheels of my new Twizy…

The dealers don’t even check Tyre pressures during the PDI.

I still cannot believe that they dont track the car as it makes it unfit for purpose my wheels arnt balanced either but when I had a puncture they did that one and it was ok given the speed of the car


Yes Peter, welcome to the Renault world😎

Definitely not fit for purpose I will have it 4 wheel aligned


Good luck with that Peter. No many places can manage to copy with the small track width of the Twizy. Which sounds very odd.

There is another thread on tracking problems.