Buy a used Twizy in Italy

Hello everyone,

In 2 days i will probably a buy a Twizy 80 Technic 2012 with 25.000KM. Now, i would like to know what can i check for be sure that everything was ok. I’ve drived it and it looks ok, no problems at all in 10 min driving.

Also, the price is 5500€ with this optionals:
– Navigator Parrot Tablet removable, internet connection, with Android management app

  • Case for navigator
  • rear camera
  • Headlights full LED front / rear
  • Sun visor
  • Heater / defroster Additional
  • Thermometer internal / ext
  • Winter tires new
  • Summer tires with about 2000km
  • Extension cable 5m with plug Twizy
  • Cover Original Twizy legs
  • Hard Rain TWY windows with window, latest model
  • Second pair of integral rigid windows
  • Possibility controller reset included + speed + power + -Electricity charging (I think is not a Powerbox)

What do you think? Is a great deal?

That sounds like a really top spec car, but likewise compared to UK prices it also looks like you’re paying top price too, and how many of those things do you really need. As a comparison I’ve just paid less half that price for a 2013 car with 6 months warranty left on it with only 1000 miles on the clock. Yes it’s a basic spec car but I could throw a £1000 of mods onto the car and it still won’t be anywhere close to your €5500K.

So in answer to your question, it looks like a nice car with a great spec, but is it a great deal? no not in my opinion. I’d rather buy a cheaper car and put the things onto myself as its all part of the fun. As for what can you check to make sure it’s all OK, I can’t answer with any authority as I’ve only owned mine for just over 24 hours. :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your reply Mike, i really appreciate it. In fact, the prices for the Twizy here in Italy is really high, and found one in Milan is also a bit hard.

Now i don’t know what to do, also because in the only one with the speed unlocked.

Any other tought?

Thank you

This is where I bought mine from as they had 10 for sale, now down to 7 I think. The price advertised is not necessarily the price you pay… If the cars are so expensive in Italy, why not rent a large van in Italy drive to the UK, buy two of these, take them back to Italy and sell one for approx €4500 which means you get yours almost free of charge. You then have lots of spare money to buy things like a Powerbox and windows etc and still save money overall. :slight_smile: