Buying a Twizy. Any advice

I’m thinking of buying a Twizy from Renault Solihull for £3989 with 69 miles on the clock.

Is this a good deal? I am minded to ask for a cover and the optional windows to clinch the deal.

How much would the windows usually be?

Hi @melcragg and welcome. It sounds good to me. The main thing is that it has doors. Windows you can do without.

Watch which cover you get as the Renault one wasn’t waterproof just a soft cloth to protect it in the garage.

You are getting one at the right time of year to really enjoy it.

This is a great deal. It is practically brand new so you’re saving a good few thousand.

Instead of windows or a cover, I would ask for front mud flaps to be fitted. Otherwise you get mud spray all up the doors. They are one of the only optional extras that actually do a good job.

Thanks both. I will ask for mudflaps and windows to clinch the deal. Any ideas where best to insure it?

Mud flaps are good/must have.

When insuring make sure it covers the Battery. It is part of the battery rental agreement.
Shop around or try a compare site. Not everyone wants to insure an EV and then there are less that understand the battery element. Ie. you have a £4K car and £3k battery.
I think Admiral is where a number of Twizy owners have gone.

I’ve offered them £3900 delivered by Easter with Mudflaps and Windows… I await their response… :slight_smile:

Good move. Hope you are successful. Has it got doors? Most important. Can’t be retrofitted.
Make sure you choose the right rental mileage. Some people have trouble changing it to a lower tariff when they find they are not clocking the miles.

Yep, there are doors. If they accept the offer I am thinking of going for a 12 month 3000 mile contract at £45. Least that was what was quoted over the phone.

Are you going to keep the Twizy only for a year or are you intending to keep it longer. Because a longer lease, say 3 years, will cost you less. Should be £35/month for 3K miles/yr instead of £45/month. You can always pass the lease on when you sell.

From the Renault web site in Dec 2015

Dealer sold it elsewhere… :frowning:

Oh! So sorry to hear that.
Keep trying. You won’t regret it.

They probably saw this topic! Haha

I bought a pre-reg Twizy Technic for £3988 on a 2 yr PCP. This worked out as £0 deposit and £55.18/mth.
The battery worked out at £50/mth for 4500 miles/yr.
There are deals out there! I hope you find one… They are terrific cars :smile:

Wow!! That’s a good deal. Well done.
Works out to less than £1400 for 2 years motoring. And fun motoring at that.

yep, Thats an awesome deal. I was wondering if PCP would work on these as the resale value is such an unknown. I am looking at another car for sale privately… Fingers crossed.

Hello there

I’m looking for this kind of deal on a Twizy, do you mind saying where you got yours from?

Hi @CraigV8, I got this deal from Arnold Clark in Paisley, Scotland. The car was from their Wigan branch however. It was a pre-reg deal so keep an eye out! Hope that helps!