Buying a Twizy - Your thoughts please!

I am about to take the plunge! I now have funds in place and am (finally) buying a Twizy for cash within the next 2 or 3 weeks. I have a budget of £4K and want one that has done less than 3K miles. Whilst I would prefer one with no doors or windows, I wonder, would I be buying something that nobody else wants??
My 2 favourites from what seems to be on offer, (both from Renault Dealers) are

  1. A 2012 Colour with alloys in White & Black, blue seats (my favourite colour combination) it has doors but no windows, done just 1200 miles @ £3690 before haggling

  2. A 2014 Urban in black, no doors & no extras 434 miles only, was £3995 BUT when I kicked up about being told the ultimate Twizy registration - TW11 ZZY that was on it in the advertising, was NOT included, but it was going on their new demo, they phoned back tonight and they offered it to me for £3250. (It is at my next nearest dealer - see below)

My nearest dealer when I phoned to ask if they had any used Twizys said “No we don’t and to be honest, it is not the kind of vehicle that I would want to have in stock”!!! Followed by “Sorry no we DO NOT have a demonstrator”

There is also a late 2012 Colour for sale privately for £2995 (still has a few months warranty) 2500 miles, but it is 350 miles away.
I would welcome feedback, advice, or help from any owners, about which way to go

Hi @foxtalbot2. Doors can’t be added, windows can. I think Twizys with doors are likely to be easier to sell. Doors for me were essential and keep some weather out and my shopping in. Windows are like Marmite. I’ve managed very well without windows through this last, wet winter in a muddy, rural environment and I don’t intend to add them. Others would differ.

I initially thought my local Renault ZE dealer would be important, but I didn’t buy from them and, apart from my free annual service, I probably won’t need to to contact them unless I have a warranty issue. This forum is a better resource for technical support.

When I was buying last August forum members advised me that transport was easy and they were right, I bought my 2014 Technic from a Nissan dealer in Barnsley last August and I live in Devon. Twizy arrived on a flat-bed, the cost £280 enabled me to wait for the right deal and save three to four times that amount.

So my advice is, go for doors, hang on for a 2014 or even 2015 within your budget (some dealers just want to shift them) and don’t worry if its too far away to view. There’s not a lot to go wrong and both the car and the battery are under warranty.

Oh and are you going to have fun! The Twizy grin is a permanent fixture.

You will find it very very difficult to sell on a Twizy without doors. I studied the ads for months on and off and I can list ALL the non-door Twizy’s that were for sale well into last year - still available now.

I would ring around all the dealers (good luck with that one - most won’t even bother calling you back), but you can pick up a real bargain.

You should be able to find a very clean one for around £3k with doors, just ignore those at this price without. Best of luck and you won’t regret it!

I have a 2013 with around 3700 miles if your interested ? [email protected]

Thank you Silas for your very sound advice. I will have to be patient and wait for the right deal. I saw a 65 plate car with only 10 miles on it for £3995, on the Renault UK used vehicle locator. It took me three attempts to speak to a salesperson and when I finally got through, they said they thought it was sold and would ring back in 20 minutes. I am still waiting for that call, but it does prove that the deals you suggest are out there.

Thank you for your help Martin, I will do as you suggest. Ringing the dealers to find the ones that are not advertised sounds like a great plan. I am sure some dealers have just given up on the cars they have had for ages, with no interest.

And if they have had demo’s or pre-owned in for a while, they will be paying £25 a month for battery rental themselves which, (obviously) is not good for them. If you wait you will pick up a bargain.

Hello Peter, I will e-mail you, Thanks.

@foxtalbot2 let me know if you are interested in mine too
Entire life of my twizy is documented online too. :wink:
or drop me an email to iam[at]

re Twizy purchase. always go for the doors.
never mind it looks cool, it will protect you from drive-by puddle splashes as well as keep your stuff in the twizy when on your journeys.
you gotta be brave or living in some hot country, unlike UK, to ride about twizy without doors, as far as my opinion goes.

one more thing, consider the delivery fees.
Say you have twizy within 100 miles - and you get a slightly pricier deal for it, - it could, overall all still be a good deal, versus a cheap deal + shipping (flatbed truck fees) from whichever location.

Mine cost me £160?.. if i remember correctly to deliver to london.