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Buying front tyres

Hi guys. So only had my twizy for a month now (it’s second hand) and noticed that my rear tyres have reached the colour markers. So have just bought 2 new ones which was easy.

Now I have noticed that it’s quite difficult to find the front tyres. I have tried black circle and Halfords and neither supply them. Where do u guys get yours from and who fits them for you?


You are quite right. It is quite difficult to get the original size of 125/13s or at least they charge a lot for them. So recently I have bought 135/13s instead. Hopefully it’s not a problem. I get a local tyre people to fit them. They charge £10 per wheel.

As @askho said, I would seriously consider adding the extra 10mm width to the front tyres anyway. It’ll improve handling, is more common tyre size therefore cheaper, and have hardly any effect on range.

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So basically just have the same tyre size on all the wheels? Back same as front?

No, original size for rear tyres is 145/13


pricey :grin:


much better :laughing:

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looking at these tyres sizes I’m guess the 145/70 option will go under the front arches because the tyre isn’t as tall as an 125/80 tyre :thinking:

Using wider tires in front is feasable, but you need to be aware that this is likely to affect the handling of the Twizy. The width difference between front and rear is a design feature that contributes to the Twizy’s understeering. Not everyone enjoys understeering, but it was actually built in the Twizy because it is deemed safer for most drivers (arguably I guess) since it seems regaining control of a rear drive oversteering slippage requires some experience/skill (from what I’ve been told lifting the foot from the accelerator/gradual braking usually regains control in case of understeer slip and corresponds to most people’s reaction). So modifying the front/rear grip could impact road handling in tight bends/high speed/wet roads, which I understand is actually wanted by some experienced drivers (pilots?)…

looking at the data for the 125/80 and 145/70 i would say the understeer will still be there.

i love the understeer and over steer of the twizy , I agree they got it right :rofl:

big wheels look cool but spoil the entertaining handling :smile:

The biggest thing with big wheels is the lack of power steering.
You notice that your turning two massive grip patches. Especially at slower speeds. But the added grip when cornering at 45/50mph is hilarious.

if the speedo is reading 45/50 you are probably doing closer to 60mph :rofl:

Is the twizy speedo off?? Ice never checked against a gps.
But my tyres actually come up slightly smaller than oem overall. Just weigh alot more!
I spent so long on this tyre website it ended up on my homescreen.

think theres always some error , mine on standard wheels over reads 3mph at 30mph.

i’m aware of the speedo issue because of the classic mini race cars i own with larger wheels and tyres.

I have the 45km/h car (mostly used by my kids that don’t have a driving license for a proper car yet) and it shows 47km/h at 45km/h. It is constantly 2km/h off also at lower speeds.