Buying - New or Used?

Hi all, new here. I’m an American, living in Germany (for language reasons, I’m here as opposed to the German forums).

I need a second set of wheels and have long made the decision it’s going to be a Twizy. But I have a conflict, and I need your thoughts:

  • I’ve ordered a new Twizy Life, doors, and black color, everything else is standard/basic. In Germany, thats 7100 EUR including delivery and registration. Plus, 2 year warranty with the option to extend another 4 years for only 290 EUR. I would still need to buy windows for about 400 EUR, plus potentially adding speakers myself. Problem is, it isnt scheduled to arrive until November. In Germany, I have the right to cancel the order free of charge for up to 14 days.

  • At the same time, I’ve found a used Twizy Sport (Aug 2013) in my city for sale by owner. In general, it has more features (Parrot and sound system installed, floor mats, alloy wheels, glass roof, windows included (ELIA))
    BUT, it also has the following disadvantages: light but visible scratches on the body around the door, deep scratches on two of the alloy wheels, warranty is obviously gone, it has NEVER been to a service appointment (no oil change, etc), already on its second owner, doors don’t open nearly as easily as a new model.
    At the same time, it has the advantage that it is nearby, I’ve talked the owner down to a price of 5000 EUR, and I could have it NOW.

So here’s my question - what are your thoughts as experienced Twizy owners? Is it worth the extra 2000+ EUR to stick with the new model, knowing it is well covered by the warranty? Or do you think it’s safe to save the extra cash and take a risk with a 3 year old Twizy that has never been serviced, has a slightly beat up exterior, and trust it’ll last me another 3-4 years? How reliable are these little guys?

Before buying the used - I’m planning on making the current owner take it in for an inspection, just to make sure there arent any major problems (costs) that I’m getting stuck with. The only other think I don’t like about it - is the sport decals, which I would most likely try to remove myself.

Thanks for reading - and of course, for all of your wisdom and advice :slight_smile:

  • sooner or later Twizy owner

Less to worry about if you buy the new one, the price difference is not that great…my personal opinion…

yes. but the wait though!!! :dizzy_face:

I am driving a 2012 model, bought about 21 months ago. I have driven a newer (Cargo) model when mine is in service. I think this newer one is a somewhat smoother drive.
I think the relatively small price difference plus warranty would be a serious argument for the new one.
Also, my opinion of course, I would leave the windows out and maybe go for the Parrot.

Personally I would buy the new one. November sounds a long time to wait but it will soon come round, and you’ll have a brand new Twizy that is all yours.

If you buy the second hand one, you will always hate those scratches every time you look at it. They will bug you for as long as you own it, plus it doesn’t have any warranty and it’s already 3 years old.

It’s completely your decision, but for the sake of €2000 and a 4 month wait you could have a brand spanking new Twizy!

Fair enough. I guess I’ve just been torn by: wanting it sooner than later (4 months is pretty crazy IMO) - in fact I NEED one in ~2 months, but have found a temp solution for the time up to 4 months. There’s also the attractiveness of having things like alloy wheels and the Parrot system without breaking the bank.
But it seems like the consensus here recommends the new with the wait - which I had already thought as well. Just the temptation of the NOW keeps creeping back.