Buying second hand: i have pictures, can you guys take a look? thanks!

Hello there guys,

I have been longterm looking for a secondhand twizy to buy, but never found one for the right price.
I’m thinkg about buying a 2012 model with 15.5k miles (25k km), and I have taken some photographes of it.

Can you guys take a look at them and see if you see anything peculiar?

I have also taken a video of the bottom of the car (i think it’s too big to post) and i see some rust too(nothing “wow”, but notheless…)

pictures below! :slight_smile:
(i can just post one it seems since i’m a new user… i’ll put more in after a reply

The shocks are little more worn then my 2012 16,000 miles Twizy but there is less rust than mine!

Looks pretty similar to my 2012 one with just under 10k on it. Nothing there that will fail an MOT.

Have a good look at the brake discs, especially the inside face
They are a bit expensive for the size of them and corrode if the calipers have been sticking or the car has been left outside and had little use.

Thank you guys for the feedback! The person I’m buying it from has used it as a daily driver to drive to work. Is there anything to worry about “engine-wise” about the mileage?

Not at all, The trouble with EV’s is that they get more damaged done to the battery if left unused with a very fully charged battery or a very low SOC. So Daily use is best. The Twizy has issues with the brakes if not used daily and the rears lubricated. But the mileage is nothing special. There are number out there with more than double that. As several on here have stated it’s about the average mileage for a daily ran Twizy.

Looks in better condition than my 2012 Twizy! Brakes are certainly an area to look at as they can stick or become worn down with time (as with any brakes.)