Buying the battery in norway

Renault changed it’s policy, at least in norway. You can buy the battery there.
Twizy 45: 81,690 NOK (9,800 €, 8,100 £)
Twizy 80 City: 91,690 NOK (11,000 €, 9.000 £)
Twizy 80 Classic: 96,960 NOK (11,500 €, 9,500 £)
all “Inkl. batteri”…wizy%2001%202014.pdf
Maybe norwegian VAT hast to be paid when you export it. Norway releases some electrical vehicles from VAT, i dont know the details.

These figures look quite high when Renault UK only ask for the battery to be insured for £3000 on the Twizy 80.
The Norway Twizy Battery costs more than the UK Twizy.

But that is what is in the PDF.

These prices are for the whole twizy including the battery. :wink:

Doh just one of those days. Good point.

But can you get the battery without a Twizy? Not that they are very easy or safe to fit.

Maybe as spare part. I dont know, lets see what time brings. But the norwegian renault-guys seem to be quite into this battery selling, so i guess ist will be possible at some point.

Could anyone please tell me if prices are V.A.T. included?

EDIT: Ok, I did it by myself, in Norway it’s called m.a.v. and it’s “inkl.mav”
In Italy the insurance on the battery is for € 3150

WOW ten grand OMG you can get a new Twizy for 7 Gs (in UK) if i understand you correctly

I am going to be working on a replacement battery pack for ca £300

pls see my post


You can buy a Twizy in the UK for £7k but you have to have the compulsory battery hire. So no advantage at all.
Perhaps the best solution is for You and someone with a UK Twizy to buy a second hand Twizy from Norway. You keep the car and the return the spare battery pack to Renault. :wink: Would have to be the rented one to ensure all the battery serial numbers were correct.

I live in Norway, just have to correct you a bit. Its called MVA. (MerVerdiAvgift)
On EV in Norway its no MVA on them, hence why we also have many Tesla’s here.

I saw your reply about the Twizy battery. I live in Holland and want to buy the battery for my Twizy; is that possible in Norway?

I dont know. But you can maby send mail to [email protected] and ask. They are the primary seller in norway with 15 somthing stores.