Buying Twizy in Woking - Needs transportation to Cheshire

Hello again. I’ve bought a Twizy Colour which is in a Renault dealer in Woking.

I live in Cheshire… thats about 5 full recharges… :smile:

So I will need to get it collected. Any ideas how to go about this?


I suppose it’s too late now to include delivery as part of the deal.
Weather has been great lately. Ideal Twizy driving weather. Enjoy!!

Yep. Its a 2012 Colour with 1000 miles for £3495. I think asking for delivery would be having a laugh at that price. I’m very excited…

I am not sure about that. There are lots of bargains about although prices do tend to firm up come summer time. I am sure they want to get rid of it as much as you want it. I would have made delivery a deal breaker.

You can put a Twizy on an un-braked flatbed trailer if you can tow, or you can use one of those vehicle transport tendering web-sites to get a price for fetching it. It’s not going to be particularly cheap.

Nowadays, we move Twizys in a rented LWB Transit van with a medium high roof. This is less hassle for us than a trailer, since we’re hopeless at reversing a trailer miles along a country road! But you do need ramps to get the Twizy in a van, and it still needs tying down securely.

Or you can just run out of juice and ring Renault Assist to flatbed you home. That’s part of the 4+ deal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Actually I wonder what happens if you really do that. The Renault Assist say they will come out and get you home, including running out of juice.
Anyway @melcragg, hope you get it soon and start enjoying Twizy motoring.

My Twizy has travelled hundreds of miles on an unbraked trailer. If you can find a tow car then just hire a trailer for the day.

Good luck and keep us in formed of how you get on.

Well the Twizy was finally delivered last night. Just about to have my first ever drive in one. Its sunny too…

Hope the weather is as good for you as it is here. Have fun.

23 hours later and I still love it. The remaining miles is a bit random… I guess its working out my driving style. I noticed there is a fan sound when charging… Assuming just to keep things cool?

The “miles to charge” number will certainly appear random - it’s based on the last few miles and (I suppose) makes the assumption that the remaining miles will all be like that. The battery charge level indicator is more useful. We zero the “trip” odometer after each complete charge and this time of year we’re getting a range-plus-trip of about 45 miles. But our Twizy is now coming up to 3 years old and has done 10,000 miles, so we expect it to have lost about 5% of its original range.

The fan is indeed to cool the batteries while they charge. It may or may not turn off immediately when the batteries are full. It’s been known, in our case, to come on again on really hot days when setting off, but it’s normally only on during charging.

Interesting, as my fan only cools the charger and not the batteries. My Fan also stays on for several hours after the dash has turned off when fully charged. It will eventually go off but my be 4 hours latter regardless of the temperature. If I unplug it at 100% then the fan will come back on when I turn the ignition on, just like you describe.

As far as I know there are no fans in the battery box under the seat. The fans are on the charger and then can get blocked if a stone bounces in a very specific way and jams in the fan, Then the charger over heats and fails. :anguished:

I could be wrong about the battery box.