Caliper seal kit wanted

Anyone have a seal kit or know where I can get one asap? I ordered on last Monday from Renault and it’s still not here and my MOT is due!

Thanks very much, Nik

Managed to source a set from the local motorbike dealer for £3.50 compared to Renaults £48! Alas I managed to knacker the inside of the caliper getting the new piston back in so have had to order a new one from Renault for £208 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I assume these were from a bike and not ordered in by them for a twizy? What bike model was it, be useful to have a list of seals that could fit.

Just a standard seal for a 32mm piston as simple as that. Think it was for a Honda but seeing as it’s a Nissin caliper that probably makes sense.

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