Calliper seal kit

Hey guys. Having an issue with my front o/s brake binding. Turns out the piston seal is goosed. My mechanic phones me telling me this and that I need a new calliper at 165 quid plus vat. I said there’s no way I’m scrapping a perfectly serviceable calliper for the sake of a rubber seal. He says that Renault told him there’s no seal kit available. I then went and called the Renault dealer I use, and was able to get a seal kit delivered, from Renault France for 36 quid plus vat. I was doing a search for the seal kit online, but nothing showing. Is there one available that isn’t from Renault? Just wondering. What’s really hacking me off is that that calliper was replaced under warranty 2 years ago!

@ALEXAKOS used to sell them with need pistons.

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