Can anyone help me with the electric vehicles survey? £50 prize will be announced!

I’m a student from Bath Spa University, and currently doing research about Electric Car market in the UK.
Also, the research project is about consumer’s perspective about electric vehicles in the UK.
Therefore, you guys in this forum are my ideal survey target group, and I’m really hoping you could help me out!

This post has posted on Speakev before and already collected 38 responses. Therefore, require another 62 responses before I release the prize.

The Winner will be selected randomly from email address is entered in my survey, and win £50 Amazon Voucher when 100 surveys were collected. (Just make sure you enter your email address in the survey!)

I would really appreciate your help if you could spend few minutes just to fill out this survey here:
The winner will be announced in this Forum and Speakev! Please keep following this post.

Just curious a bit on the reasearch and its objective? I am happy to assist of course, just wondering. :slight_smile:


For my dissertation, thanks for your support!

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After looking over your survey, there are a couple of areas that I feel needed coverage that was not asked. Here are a couple of points to consider in your research:


  1. how many electric vehicles do you own? <== measures the respondent’s investment in the technology.
  2. when were you interested in electric vehicles, and when did you purchase your first electric vehicle? <== measures when the technology was of interest, and when was the tipping point of an investment.

3) what past vehicles have you purchased - type of fuel, displacement by year? <== goes to profiling the respondent’s past decisions and investments.
4) what are the key technological features that made your EV viable to replace a fossil fuel vehicle? <== validates the assumptions automakers are making, and finds what other features the automakers are not clued in on.
5) Did you service your fossil fuel vehicle, and are you considering performing the service requirements on your EV? <== looks at the respondents abilitities and comfort levels in working with the EV’s. some may be mechanically oriented, but electrically challenged (can’t see electricity or currents).
6) what are the perceived gains that you can list from owning an EV? <== validates manufacturers value propositions, but can also capture the uses that individuals see/apply in using EV’s outside of the mainstream understanding.

There would be additional questions I would dig into as for the application and usage to further understand the specific motivations of a Twizy, which will differ to a Nissan Leaf/Renault Zoe, and see about the BMW i3 (and can expand to Tesla, etc) While the classic fossil fuel car categories are being applied on the EV’s, I am not so certain they align to the consumer’s point of view in being transposed. Some look at the EVs as replacement to fossil fuel counterparts, but categories like a Twizy which is classed as a quadracycle will have a different profile than classic quadracycles or cars as a whole. With EVs changing how transportation is being perceived is the essence of how it is attractive to some members/groups. Finding out more about the category of vehicle is crucial to understand the profile of the respondent. Lastly, understanding how industry suppressed the EV vehicle market and why it is surging now should be a crucial subject for your reasearch.

Just some thoughts…


Thank you so so so much, that’s really helpful. ^-^

Hi, everyone, there are 54 responses were collected.

The prize will release when 100 responses received.

Everyone have a chance to win, just make sure you entered your email address when you finished the survey.

Please help me to spread the survey. That will help a lot.

Thanks, everyone.

Just completed the survey, good luck with your dissertation!

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Did u finished this survey? if u do, did u leave u email address in the survey? You are the winner of this Forum, and you will get £25 Amazon gift card. The another winner are selected on Speak EV.

Todays is 18/09/2017, I just finished my dissertation.
Thanks for you guys who helped me on this survey.
Therefore, I will divide the prize to winners in two forums, Speak EV and EVOwners.

The winners are [email protected]—.com, and username: CrazyTwizy on EVOwners.

I will send you guys the email with detail.

Kind Regards
Chris Chen

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Thanks Chris Chen - I sent you a message (Forum Email) with my direct Email.

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Got it!!! ^-^

The Amazon Gift Card is sent to your email address, Enjoy!!!