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Can you charge the Twizy too many times?

Quick charging question for you Twizy owners.
I have an average daily round trip of 14 miles so in theory I could use the Twizy for upto 3 days before it actually needed charging.
Is there any problem charging the batteries every day even if you have not done many miles?
Doing that at least the car would always be ready for a longer journey.
I know some battery technologies do not like to keep Topping up batteries because of ‘Memory Effect’ it can shorten there range.


We have been round this before. The battery is a large phone battery. Best not topped off but never ever leave it empty. If leaving it for any time charge to 60% not 100%. So charge yours every 2 trips should be about right.

No one really knows yet, but based on other ev’s we can use their bet practice. We don’t own the batteryso if it breaks or looses capcity (75%) then it will get replaced,so long as you didn’t break it.

not all EV’s are the same… for example, Tesla’s advice is to leave the car plugged in when not in use and allow the BMS to decide how much charge to maintain to prolong battery life.

I am about the same as you.

I get 2 trips to work, but never had the guts to try and squeese the 3rd trip.

I will post my updated graphs once I have a bit more data.