Can you leave twizy charging overnight?

Sorry, posted this in the wrong place earlier.
Just bought new technic. After fully charging, the display went out, but it was still whirring away as if it were still charging. Is this normal… Is it still taking electric in and costing money? I really wanted to just leave it overnight. Thanks all. PS, this was an ex demonstrator model. Nothing with it really. Should it have wheel locking nuts?

You can leave the Twizy plugged in, once the display goes off, it stops charging . Unfortunately the cooling fans keep running, so it does consume electric, can’t imagine it does the fans any good to run for hours. Some say an update to,the software may be on the horizon, not sure.
The Technic’s do not have locking wheel nuts.

Thank you very much lightly. Your help is appreciated. Matt

Fans turn off after a bit. I leave mine plugged in all night with out any probs. Ive done it since ive had it.


leave min plugged in over night have since I had it, have had to have a ne charger unit but as mine is a 2012 version there is a known issue with the unit so not related to charging all night

My Twizy is one of the early ones with the original charger and the fan runs pretty much all the time until it’s unplugged.
So I always switch mine off after its charged