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Can you see out of the zip-up windows


As I contemplate my first Twizy I have a question about the zip-up windows. As they always seems to be a bit creased, can you see out of them for safe driving?



This was my exact question just a week ago. Apparently you can according to those on here that have driven with them.

I would see if you can sort out a test drive with the windows though before buying. What’s your nearest dealer?

I’ve got a set for sale for only £135; see for sale section!

The visibility out of them is very good, they are clear and the frames are thin. Over a long time, I guess they will yellow slightly and get scratched, but could be machine polished easy enough with a buffer.

Hi Les, I had a set to compare against my own design. I can confirm they were fine for vision, the only problem being they sit out from the wind deflector and channel rammed air into the cabin! That combined with the big gap at the rear makes me wonder what the point of them is…try my design, much cosier!