Car battery charging problem


I installed power amplifier to my car by myself.I’ve checked all the audio wiring…everything is ok because the power to the power amplifier is fused and the fuse not blown.But after finish i realise the battery is dead…no charge.So i jump start from my frens car…its successfull.But i take my car for a ride as soon as started n on my blower…after 10 min the engine stopped by itself and i cnt start back because no charge in battery.Then i jump start again n drove back home…same things happen.As i know…if that indicator ON means no charging occur.So i search for any blown fuse and replace it.

Please help

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet

Welcome Brian.

The accessory battery is very small. Once it has been flattened a couple of times it will not hold it’s charge and needs replacing. All that testing of a high powered amp that draws a lot of current for such a small battery will not of helped.

You don’t say how old the battery is, but most need replacing within 5 years.

Once replaced, don’t turn on the amp until you have started the Twizy so the 12v battery can be recharged from the traction battery.