Car Cover

I bought the Twizy car cover that’s advertised usually on the banner on top. They’re a dutch manufacturer and the cover fits like a glove. It did take a while to get to me by post to Sweden. Two weeks actually, but it seems the Swedish postal service wanted to take a closer look what was coming from Holland.
I also have Kenny’s Power Box. It is the must have item to make the Twizy fly like a rocket.

hey, just checking in if the cover is light enough to be squeezed in under the seat in the back?

No problem. It can even fit behind the seat.

Yeah, same here, I guess it’s less bulky than the full cover. Keeps the dust, pollen and other dirt on the outside. Keeps it cold in summer (I have the lexan windows) and warm now in autumn (the windows and seat aren’t covered in dew when I go to work). I can imagine it’s nice to have when the snow comes as well.

Anyone got a pic on the cover and a link where to buy it?


I decided to go for the orange cover to match the blue wheels :innocent:

Purchased from the dutch company but paid by the boss… until now the Twizy was always parked inside the covered car park but we recruited staffs and we no longer had the space for all the cars.

The only solution was to rent out the narrow side of the building but after several trials I was the only one who could fit in.

I said yes but only if you get me a cover. They didn’t have blue so went for orange… obvious if you drive a Twizy , black is so yesterday.

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Thanks for the pics! :+1: :slight_smile:

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Is the company that you are referring to called Verheul Leathers & Motorcycle Gear?

I have ordered a cover for my Twizy from them but despite acknowledging my order I cannot get them to reply to my emails. The tracking number they supplied did not work and I am beginning to get a bit concerned that they are not a genuine firm.

After many emails which were unanswered the cover has arrived…and it’s great!