Car not charging

Plugged car in and heard fan running.came back 1 hour later still exactly the same 33%.
Car I s almost 3 years old.
Am I still covered for repair or is it going to cost me.
Bought car secondhand .
Looks like the charger is faulty.
Any advice appreciated.

Your car is still covered by warranty. The 4+ scheme gives 4 years warranty.
Try charging again. Sometimes for some unexplainable reasons it works a second time.

Plugged in numerous times now.
Now if I drive car or charge the battery warning light is on and don’t drive light.
Phoned Renault being picked up tomorrow to go to dealer.

In the meantime I removed the 12volt battery and will post a video on YouTube .battery is ok.

Here’s a video of how to remove12volt battery.i thought I’d check this first.

Most likely the charger, mine did the same. Will be covered by warranty as said, it’s 4 years.

I had a similar thing this year, my twizy is 3 years old and I suspected a faulty charger.
Car went into Renault and the diagnostic reported an over voltage which caused the car not to charge.
They reset it and charged it up.
Not had a problem since…touch wood :smile:


@Subevo. Hope that’s what happened to your Twizy. Keep us informed. Thanks.

Thanks for the replys.
Got a call from dealer to say car charged no problem.i could pick up.then 1 hour later phoned to say red stop light illuminated on dash after a test keeping for further checks.

Update.said it was a battery cooling fan fault.7-10 days to get part.

Strange as I heard the fan running.maybe there’s 2.

Ok folks that’s 3 weeks dealer has had car.they say part required is on back order.and that Renault isn’t supplying part quickly enough.
I’ve put a complaint into Renault customer service UK.
Really pissing me off now.

Sorry to hear that. I can feel your frustration.

Got my twizy back today.they replaced battery charger approx £680 plus cooling fan £230.
Obviously free to me as was under warranty .happy days again.

Good to hear. Let’s hope Twizy will behave itself now.