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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Celebrity Status

How are you all enjoying the attention that the Twizy attracts?

Has it worn thin yet, or are you adapting to it?

I personally find that it makes driving the Twizy just that bit more of a buzz. You know that every time you drive it you will get into conversations with random strangers, and how often does that happen in this day and age?

I can also see though how celebrities do find it tough with the attention they must get. We can simply get out of our Twizys and nobody bats an eyelid at us. Celebrities, however, are constantly harrassed because of who they are.

Enjoying being an EV evangalist and talking to generally interested random strangers. Tally for tonight was:

3 members of staff in Northwood Kebab shop
A customer who asked to take a picture and wanted to discuss electric cars
A guy who had just bought a Megane or Scenic and was very keen on knowing more about the Twizy
Another guy who had seen the first guy have a chat about the Twizy and wanted to know more

Not random strangers but I also gave both my in-laws a drive in the Twizy and at just over 80 my father in law managed to get in and out of the back while I drove too which was impressive.

Another day in the life of a celebrity car…

Driving a brand new Twizy around London today is a weird experience , and until it becomes commonplace I know it is my duty to talk to every person that shows an interest. It has restored my faith in humanity, that most people are nice, polite and happy to see you drive such a small innovative electric vehicle. Not a single journey has passed without a driver winding down their window and asking me about it and complementing me on my purchase, from taxi drivers, Lamborghini drivers, cyclists, young kids and beautiful girls who want to sit in it while I take their picture, it is indeed like being inside the skin of a famous film star.

Doesn’t help if you are on a schedule. You cannot help but talk to people about the car but it certainly delays a quick trip to town etc.

Perhaps we should charge for all the photo’s!