Certificate of Compliance

Has anyone out there gota Certificate of Compliance for the Twizy. Clearly the Twizy holds a certificate of compliance, and is road leagal throughout the EU, but I’ve been surprised to find that it isn’t easy to get hold of. Has anyone got one? How did you get it?
Any info on this subject would be gratefullt appreciated.

I remember seeing it once when I was looking for some accessories for my Scenic. Its with Renault’s online accessory shop at the link below :-

Thanks Chris, but the problem is that Renault don’t want me to export the Twizy (it’s forbidden in the battery leasing contract). It’s weird, but it seems that customers don’t have a right to the Certificate of Conformity. If you click on the link, it takes you to a page where they want to know all about you, and the car, before they will decide whether to send you (sell you) the certificate or not…

To export either buy the battery - harder than it sounds but is an item on the Renault list! or buy a Twizy with the Battery ie. not from the UK say NL.