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Change to charging connector for next Twizy

I found out to day when I went to the dealers that the connector for the ZE is being standardised accross the range. So the Twizy looses the 13 amp plug. I eonder if wd wil get given an adapotor.

Huh?! Seriously? So the wall pod I’m about to get installed will be out of date?

Ask @electricandy?
This was some thing aminorjorney was looking at making an adaptor.

If this is true, it’s going to piss Rolec off. They’ve just spent time and money developing a wall pod that will fit the Twizy’s 13 amp plug!

So I asked Mr TV Star @electricandy :-

[FONT=Arial]Osbrook - Are Renault standardising the plug across the ZE range and changing the [/FONT]#Twizy](https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23Twizy)[FONT=Arial]'s 3 pin 13amp? If so will we get adaptors supplied?
[FONT=Arial]electicandy - yes + no. Type2 not really nec for Twizy (2kW only) but may intro a modular option (both types) don’t expect retrofit tho’
[/FONT][FONT=Arial]electricandy - Its more to do with public points moving to type2 than capacity. Cannot be clear on whether retro poss and intro not timed either

So we don’t really know but it would be good to carry a Mode 2 adaptor in the future. When they are available.[/FONT]

I’m working on an adaptor :slight_smile:


One of my deal breakers in buying a twizy is exactly the charging points. Near my place and work, there are chargers with a menekes plug and the twizy only has the schucco / wall mount. I don’t have a garage so I’m very interested in finding a solution for my future twizy. Searched over the internet and haven’t got to any light at the end of the tunnel.

Any news on thw adaptor :slight_smile: ?



I’ve found an interesting discussion on twizzy & vectrix forum (germany), someone is making a cable conversion:

http://www.vectrix-forum.de/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=72&func=view&catid=12&id=5616&limit=10&limitstart=140 (it has 15 pages of discussion)

I’m not versed in electricity so I haven’t a clue if it’ll work on ever charging station. In the post there’s also a mention of a comercial cable from this site:


It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than others I saw.


At last weeks LCV2012 event the 13A issue was briefly discussed during the infrastructure vendors meeting. It was clear that none of the vendors intend to modify their Charging Stations to accommodate the Twizy’s large 13A plug.

However, there is a widely installed base of charging posts (Electrobay, 13amp only & Chargemaster 13a/Type 2) that I have been using with my Vectrix for 5 years. As far as Electrobay is concerned I have seen none of their posts ‘upgraded’ to accept type 2. (However, their web page implies their new posts are Type 2 only). My issue is many of the online public charge points shown on mapping ignore these, listing just Type 2 and above. Strangely, there is an option to select 13amp sockets as a filter, but it brings up only a fraction of what’s out there.

Having now passed an Ion and C0 parked and charging, BOTH were using the 13a socket on charging posts - this is where the factory supplied charge lead (13a > Transformer > Type 2 female (for car). Both owners denied knowledge on any other way to charge, and a Type 2 to Type 2 lead (is not supplied) was not seen as a charging option.

I wouldn’t dismiss Twizy users as being supporters of 13a. If the plug is physically too big, replacements are available.


Just because people are still using the 13a plug doesn’t mean we should not move on. Do you still use cassettes or Videos?
Both are still in use but better options have come along.

I agree it is simpler to use an adaptor on the 13a plug than adaptor to type 2. The cars you mention both have the option of a type 2 to type 2 cable and space to store it.


today neither the ZOE or 2013 Leaf (32A) model are supplied with 13A charging cables… Tesla, Ford, and BMW are following the same path… given the Ion and C0 are both dead products I don’t think they are relevant. It’s up to you… fight against the infrastructure that’s being deployed or get the adapters required so that you can charge… the only person who loses if they can’t charge is yourself.

I can remember having the same attitude as yourself in respect to film cameras 20+ years ago… as a dedicated film buff who developed my own photographs I argued that digital cameras would never catch on… do you know how much film I process today? What exactly happened to Kodak?

We are talking about electricity and something as trivial as a connector… why not embrace the EV standard and get on with your life?

I am having a 32Amp charger fitted tomorrow as it is future proofing… It is one of the iCharge units that you can apply for through the Polar network and comes with the cable and connector as part of a built in unit. As I now have a Citroen C-Zero the car has a type 2 connector on one side and a fast charge socket on the opposite side. I would carry my type 2 to 13Amp cable around with me for charging outside home.

I can assure you both the C0 and ion are ONLY supplied with a 13a lead. I had demos in both yesterday. The vehicles have both a fast charge and Type 2 socket - which the 13a plug connects to by a brick. This is for vehicles that are being sold as new in 2013. Sure, drivers can purchase an off-the-shelf straight lead, but those. Spoke to didn’t and weren’t aware they could.

The camera analogy is not a good one. I have used both technologies for a considerable period of time - but I was never told that my EV purchase would be rendered immobile because of a decision made in 2010. Legacy users have always been treated with respect - until now it seems. EVs are not new. When the UK changed over from 15a round to 13a square ring main, there was a 15 year changeover. Yet Twizy users are told tough?

I’m no Luddite - but this rush to Type 2 ignoring 13a is nothing short of criminal.

The C0 and ion have Type 1 connectors not Type 2. Both these vehicles are first generation and have sold in very low numbers and IMO can be considered dead.

As I said previously, all future production EV’s will support Type 2 for AC charging at public locations… this will include the Gen 2 Twizy (something that’s eagerly awaited by the european Twizy owners that I met recently).

It’s taken years to get Type 2 through the approvals process… I don’t think anyone in the industry would consider it a ‘rush’ rather we are glad that a single standard exists in Europe finally.

It is your readiness to consider as ‘dead’ a connector that purchasers have taken (at face value) their ability to recharge their vehicles, only to find they have been left stranded in the drive for something else I resent. There is no reason why they cannot co-exist.

According to info related from the Twizy Design Team, NO decision has been made on a Gen 2 model supporting Type 2 plugs - and this was as recently as 10/07/13. The reason stated was cheapness of the connector and ability to charge in anyones home environment without special provision.

A world of Type 2 charging only remains a very shortsighted move.

interesting then that the ZOE has NO 13A provision today and is a next generation Renault… the EU clean fuel directive will outlaw EV charging on domestic sockets and the UK government are preparing for that by offering free Charging Stations to all homes today.

As many people have already discovered in the UK, charging an EV when away from home is quickly migrating to Type 2… adapt or struggle… it’s up to you.

It’s clear that all future public charge points will be Type 2, and so we can expect all future EV’s to come equipped to use them. The challenge for Renault with the Twizy is whether they include the cost of a home charge point in the price of the car, or offer a free 13a charge cable or adapter. Either will be a significant addition to the price, and if the adapter is too large to carry in the Twizy, I think we can agree that this would be a backward step. Plus, of course, if Twizys are to become dependent on official public charge points, they will need adapters to cope with all the now obsolete Type 1 charge points that will continue to figure on maps, and were still being installed in 2013.
I see Tesla are now claiming that they will eventually be able to recharge their cars in 5 minutes - a rate that requires around half a megawatt chargers. Whether or not that happens, I think there is a case for segmenting the EV market into vehicles like e-bikes, motor cycles and Twizy class vehicles that have low enough energy requirements to be serviced from regular domestic power supplies, and negotiable high power charge-points that will service the ever-growing capacity requirements of this EV’s seeking to displace conventional cars.

I’d imagine that when the government comes looking for something to replace the fuel tax it will lose if electric cars ever make it, there’s a good chance they’ll leave the ‘low end’ alone, at least for a while. :razz:

That’s good news about the ‘free’ charge points, although I would be surprised if that applies to quadracycles, and it surely won’t apply retrospectively.