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Changing A Tyre

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum and the Twizy. Does anyone know if there are jacking points on the Twizy, if so where? Also I’m buying a set of alloys from Renault to have fitted on the Twizy before I pick it up but they tell me that all four alloys are the same size including width. They claim the tyres will still fit on the rear tyres as the rear tyres are only 20mm wider. Does anyone know if they will still fit for sure? There are no front and rear alloy wheels to buy all one size.

Many Thanks

Paul, London.

The handbook has no mention of jacking points-possibly due to there being no jack or spare wheel supplied.
A trolley jack could be used on somewhere suitable, get under and have a gander.

Wheels are same all round, fronts tyres are 125/80/13, rears 145/80/13, so as you say are 20mm wider, but fit same rims.

Hope this helps

Just out of interest, tyretraders.com show 2 fronts (125/80/13 65M eContacts) for £76.12 delivered (£38.06ea) and there are listings of the rears (145/80/13 75M eContacts) in various places-but rears out of stock*-for c. £43.00ea delivered.

*as been on threads before-short supply, someone substituted a Michelin after a puncture.
The handbook says use Continental eContacts, but I have seen two Twizys with all 4 tyres being Michelin…
They also give the recommendation for Continental TS800 winter tyres for the Twizy, which are easily available from EARS motorsport at £43ea front, £47.50 rear.

So they’re not too pricey then.

If anyone wants a conti econtact for the rear, I’ve got one I’m my garage with 1,000 on the clock.

It was YOU :smiley:

Yes! It was ME! :smiley:

Seriously, I’ve got a spare tyre if anyone wants to make me an offer… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that guys.