Changing tyres

I bought a new tyre, how do I change it, where is the jack, and where does it go?

That is a good question! Not looked for a jack but would imagine if we have one it is behind the rear seat which you can take apart

As the Twizy doesn’t have a spare it doesn’t have a jack. Need to provide your own tyre and Jack I’m afraid.

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Where should I place the jack, the owners manual makes no mention.

ah I stand corrected

For the front wheel you can jack on the lower suspension arm (as it’s so light). For the rear look for a part of the structure between the wheels. A trolly jack is by far the best, as scissor jacks (the ones that normally come with spare wheels, ideally need to work with a suitable location on the chassis, to prevent slippage. If in doubt, take your tyres to a tyre shop and have them do it for you!