Charge Connector

Quick question for anyone with a Tesla. What is the standard charging connector? Is is just a bog standard Type 2 or is it some Tesla proprietary system?

It looks similar to Type 2 from what i can tell but can’t find a definitive answer anywhere.

The car has a connector that can accept any standard Type 2 plug and will suck down up to 32A single phase or 16A three phase. An over the air software upgrade is available to take that up to 20A three phase, but its not really cost effective. The precise charger details changed earlier this year and I can only speak for my own (Sept2016) car.

The socket has also been tweaked by Tesla to accept DC input which is how the Supercharger network deliver up to 120kW of power. A CHADeMO adapter is also available that translates between the Tesla Type2 socket and the standard CHADeMO plug and allows DC charging at up to 50kW on a Rapid.

Hope that helps !


Great thanks! So it’s pretty versatile then :thumbsup: