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Charge cost

Ok, I know about cars, but nothing about electricity.
Can some one do a break down on cost to charge . I see that 8kw was mentioned to charge. .
I am just interested to be able to work out reasonably accurately what is the cost.
then I can start working how much my Everhot oven cost to run.:frowning:

It depends on what you pay for electricity. Lets base it on 13p per KWH
So the Battery is approx 6KW. Takes about 3.5 hours to charge at 10 amps or 2.3KW.

So as battery charging is not 100% efficient you need to put in more than the battery can hold. You need to put in 8KWH
8kwh divided by 2.3KW = 3.5 hours.
There fore .13 * 3.5 hours = £1.04

Where people get confused is KW and KWH.
a 1 bar electric fire (1KW) ran for 1 hour consumes 1KWH or 13p

Now I get on to my interest!!!
In my Kitchen I had 4 x 50W Halogen bulbs, If on for 5 hours would consume 1 KWH (13p). About 1 evening in Winter.
I swapped these for 4 x 4W LED bulbs (same brightness) Therefore after 62.5 hours they will have used 13p About 12.5 days in Winter.

Therefore this switch saved a Twizy change each week. :smiley:
So that was Winter, in the summer I use the Solar panels on the house roof so still cheap to charge.

Should be easy to work out now then, thanks!
I will have a look at what the Everhot uses later, it’s it by far the largest consumer I guess.
I have a 330 litre pressure cylinder for water, as we only really have electric at our house.
This warms through the night, I think the off peak electric is only about 5 p per kwh

If you do not have too much shade go for Solar. Mine are East facing and still well worth having. That way the Electric can be used during the day to heat the water at less than the 5p. Winter switch back to night time.

There is a slight flaw in your calks, I noticed in screwfix today that an LED GU10 bulb was £13.99, so 4 of these would be £56, so it would take a year before you saw a saving :smiley:

But they are also available in the UK for half that. Ledhut has offers that are even less than that.:smiley:

Having had LED bulbs for 5 years! Mine are well paid for.