Charge Distance and Speed

Now that I’ve been driving my Twizy outside London in the sticks I find I could do with an extra 10 mph top end and extra 20 miles on a full charge. On motorways it is just too slow and you get overtaken by Lorries which isn’t a massive problem, but I would just like to stay ahead of them. Also I currently only get between 30 – 35 miles on a full charge so most of my journeys need a short top up charge on the way. Does anyone know when (or if) we will be able to upgrade the battery and motor?

There are solutions available at the moment to reprogram the Twizy to go up to 100 km/h without any problems. Few people have even reprogrammed it to go up to 120 km/h but this is above the designed parameters, so a little risky.

I assume that will impact on the warranty and battery cover? Do you know anyone who has done this and do you know how they have got on?

To my mind the biggest problem (insurance and warranty aside) with increasing the top speed is that the gearbox might not be up to it. I read somewhere that it’s rated to run up to 7000rpm, and even at 52mph it’s running at 7250rpm. It’s made by Comex and has a pretty poor reputation for reliability, even when used within spec, in other vehicles.

All that said, there are people who have run up to 100km/h and beyond, without any problems (yet.)

As @disem said, I believe 100km/h is about all you’ll get from the standard battery, controller and motor combo without significantly exceeding any of the power/current specified limits.

Also, going back to the OP, this will obviously reduce the range even further! So far as I’m aware, no one has come up with anything viable as a battery replacement yet. If/when they do, I’m pretty sure it will be at least £4000.

The Twizy isn’t a particularly well “streamlined” car - it has the same drag coefficient as a push bike! The L7 (heavy quadricycle) category places a limit on engine power, so it may not be possible to drive a Twizy very much faster before you hit its power limit - where the power required to overcome the air resistance is all the power there is… (Air resistance goes up with the cube of the velocity, which means your energy consumption goes up with the square).

You can only drive vehicle with a 13kW motor and a 6.1kWh battery flat out for about half an hour - so unless the battery capacity increases substantially, I can’t see a 60mph Twizy ever going more than 30 miles.

Great videos!!
I noticed in the first video the big red STOP sign came on at 93kph. How come it didn’t do it in the second video.

The second guy is someone who developed a software to reprogram the Twizy. If you see all his videos you will notice that you can change parameters from stock to boost with a flip of a switch.

Thanks. I thought it was the same Twizy and it was YOURS!! :open_mouth:

No. It’s not me. I have been in touch with that person and he has his software for sell. He mentioned a very reasonable price and said you can reprogram as many Twizys as you like. May be a good idea for the UK club to share the costs to buy one and to reprogram all their Twizys. Unfortunately I am not in the UK.

To reprogram the Sevcon controller you need an IXXAT CAN-USB adapter, quite expensive and complicated.
It’s much better to buy the OVMS system, cheaper, easier and with a lot more functions.
Set mine to 100km/h, easy to change by sending an SMS to the car.

do we, he maybe has found a short cut i did notice his gearbox is quieter than mine which is going in to renault to change the oil tomorrow