Charge from generator?

Has anyone used a transportable generator to charge the Twizy?
I am thinking about getting one for emergency.
The Twizy use 2000W when charging so a 2500W generator should do it.

Most Generators will not output the 2300KW required for as long as the Twizy needs. If you do go down this route make sure it is an invertor one with a Pure sine wave output.

Get one that fits in the back and then you have a Hybrid! :grinning: But it will only charge while stationary. :disappointed:

Thanks but my Twizy never exceed 2050W durig the charge so I think a 2500W peak and 2200W cont. will do.
Just wonder if anyone have done it :slight_smile:

yes a fella in Germany piggybacks a generator when he goes on longer trips

Ok, so it can be done :slight_smile:
I found this one:
It can for sure generate enough power, it is pure sinus, and it can run for 6 hours on full power spending 7 liters of fuel.
Continuous power 2700W.

So if the Twizy dioes 40 miles on a single charge, that works out to 52 Miles per Gallon :slight_smile:


When using a portable generator, only ever use inverter generators. Many of the standard gennys have a very poor sinewave output with a very dirty wave form. Voltage can vary at high frquency by 10 to 30v. One of my customers has damaged a few EV chargers usung these on site charging. They now only use very large site (Size of a porta loo on its side) units or Inverter units. D0 beware of stated power, many just wont deliver what they claim. As a general guide go for a genny with 50% more claimed power than you need. Some of the best are the genuine Honda units (Not the cheap Honda Clones).
Also if using an inverter to get power from batteries, also only use the Pure SIne wave units. Others, Quasi SIne wave just have a stepped output, the worst have a virtually square wave on/ off/ negative wave form. Again same issue on power output, unless its something like a Victron.