Charge point question

Hi there, this seems like a real stupid question and it will only take a yes or no to answer. Basically we have a charging point at our local Ikea, but it says it’s not compatible with my Twizy. I have the adaptor lead to convert from standard car charger to three pin. I’m assuming that will make it compatible even with the fast charger as it will still only slow charge on a fast charger? The image is a screen green from the charge app on my phone.

Thanks in advance


Most probably you will be able to charge but at the rate at which you usually charge at a regular euro wall socket. Using fast charge port won’t fast charge the twizy. I also have an adapter built by me and it works on type2 chargers but it charges like in my garage, takes 2kw, charges empty to full in approx. 3.5 hours.

Andy It’s not if the adaptor will work it’s, can you actually get near the charge point and if it is available. These are busy points.

The AC rapid wont work. (and any tethered outlet) The connector that is tethered to the Rapid charge point , is designed to fit straight into a type 2 inlet. This looks like your std type 2 connection, but its actually longer and not designed to be used with another cable. Being longer the pilot pins in your plug do not make contact, and the charge outlet will not respond.