Charge Poitns @ Meadow Hall Shopping complex, Sheffield

Saturday being dry and and bright, the wife and I went for a drive round. 19 Miles to the nearest ZE dealer to collect the Twizy bag promised last June and then on to Meadow Hall. In theory on a warm day we should have been able to limp home from there. However I took the opportunity to use one of the ten free charge points there having made a wrong turn earlier. So instead of a 38 Mile hilly trip it was over 44.

Free parking and free charging. The security man at the gate to the EV parking greeted me with “we have one of those” The only other Twizy sold by my dealer went to Meadow Hall as a security transport vehicle. When I arrived I was the only one using the points, but on return there was an electric moped charging.

10 13amp domestic sockets. With easy parking and close to an entrance. No need to join any schemes no need to book and no chance of being ICE’d.

Hi Chris where are these points in meadow hell I try and avoid the place but free tricerty is a draw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also any idea how many twizys are in our area and maybe have a meet


There are 10 Twizy type charge points in a secure compound round by Oasis entrance. Pull up to the security box and point to your right they will open the barrier for you.

There aren’t many Twizys in the area but there again there aren’t many in the UK. There is one other in Chesterfield - a White Technic without doors, and then the next one is halfway between Chesterfield and Derby where @Lightly is based.

Oh and Meadow Hell security have one if they have not broke it again. :rage:

I will give them a whirl tomorrow we have to go to Leeds so could plug it in and come back for it in the evening :smile: