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Chargemaster / Polar Membership

I’m not sure if this is generally known in the forum, but the above group are supplying free charge point RFID cards if you care to apply via their website;


Pertinent to Twizy owners, as the bulk of their posts I have had the pleasure to use, provide a 13a socket for Twizy use - AND - will take the standard UK Twizy plug without modification (although on newly installed posts it may take a little bit of pressure to latch the trapdoor securing the plug!)

Didn’t know about this, thanks :slight_smile:

I filled in the form and they sent an application form and they appear to be expecting £10 for the year. You also get a form for a free home charge unit. Where did you see the free RFID card mentioned?

I filled in the form (as you did?) and 3 days later I got a card. I wonder if they were testing the water? The card I got wasn’t even branded (plain white) but it certainly works. Their terms only state you will be charged for a replacement card - had you one before? * 1. Your application will be considered by the Company and if accepted you
will be notified in writing.
*2. Once membership has been accepted by the Company you will be provided
with a Membership RFID Card that provides access to charging points operated by
the company and by Plugged in Places Schemes that Chargemaster has negotiated
interoperability. This card remains the property of the Company and must be
surrendered on demand.
*3. Usage of publically available POLAR charging points(including partner
sites). At all times you agree to use the charging points in accordance with
instructions provided and also those displayed on the site. At all times you
agree to operate the charging point in accordance with best safety codes of
practice. You must not use the charging points for any purpose other than
charging the electric car listed by you on the application form. You agree to
pay any parking or other charges as stated by the site owners. The POLAR
membership allows free access and usage of POLAR public network including
partner schemes until March 31[SUP][size=2]st[/size][/SUP],2014. Chargemaster reserves the
right to review this pricing structure on an individual basis with 30 days’
*4. By submitting the application form you confirm that you are the owner
or user of the electric car specified on the application form.
*5. The Company will use reasonable endeavours to maintain all charging
*6. By submitting the application form you acknowledge that the company
will not be liable for any losses directly or indirectly arising from the use of
the charge points and will not be liable for any consequential losses.
*7. The Company may notify you from time to time with regard to any
increases in rates or changes in these Terms and Conditions.
*8.From 31[SUP][size=2]st[/size][/SUP] March 2014 a range of tariffs will apply for
access to the POLAR charging network and you will be given the option to accept
these or let your membership lapse.
*9. The Company may decline an application at its sole discretion. It may
terminate this agreement without notice in the event of breach by you of the
terms of this agreement. It may withdraw any offers without notice.
*10. In the event that you lose or damage a POLAR membership card then a
replacement may be requested from the Company at a cost of £10.00.
*11. This agreement is personal to you and may not be assigned. Any
membership cards may only be used by you or the user of the car stated on the
membership application form.
*12. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England
and Wales. Any dispute between the parties relating to these Terms and
Conditions shall fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of England and
Wales. *

Not had one before. Just filled in the online form, and then got an email with application for Card, and application for home charge unit. The email then states how £10 payment would be collected. Oh Well.

Got further than me. I filled in the form and - well sod all.

I’ve got a chargemaster card, for ASDA, ,and a pod point card for sainsburys. I had to chase pod point though.
It’s a pity there seem to be no standard. Pity Marks and Sparks don’t have any.

M and S Outlet at Cheshire Oaks has one. Think its pod point.

hi i also want to make my own card as well for my car as well. can you guide me step by step. what should i have to do for that.

[quote=“Julianh;5903”]I’ve got a chargemaster card, for ASDA, ,and a pod point card for sainsburys. I had to chase pod point though.
It’s a pity there seem to be no standard. Pity Marks and Sparks don’t have any.[/quote]

My local M&S (Braehead) has a 3 phase Rapid Charger, and 4 Type 2 bays. All from eVolt, the lack of accommodation for Twizy users is alarming, not even 1!

So it’s just around me, Bradford. Figures