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Chargepoints in NL?

Where can I find public chargepoints for the Twizy in the Netherlands?
Just as a reference, the European charger looks like this:

There are almost none, and I learnt that at my expense 2 days ago. I went for a night out in a restaurant in Amsterdam, and circled the whole city with my Twizy to find a schuko charge point, no luck. There are ALL type 2 Mennekes. I ended up having to do a pit stop at my office for an hour on my way back home (Which is in Leiden).

So I did a little research and found a better solution than hunting for a unicorn :http://www.grossrollerteile.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2487_Adapterkabel-Typ2-auf-Schuko-mit-Schluesselschalter.html/XTCsid/68cf14ebca0baee04fa3a2308ee74d8a

With this, you can charge on many any charge point inside amsterdam, which also gives you available parking spots in places where it is usually impossible to find one. I think it is worth the 200 Euro.

This website will give you all the charge point in Holland (take care the info on the type of plugs are not always accurate).


Have you tried the open charge map? I can’t see that many in your area, but perhaps you could collate them for future use using OCM? In addition, the Open Vehicle Monitoring System works in collaboration with OCM :slight_smile:

In the netherlands you don’t need the grey box in the adapter cable. I bought this one (http://www.ratio.nl/en/catalog/articles/4905/mode-3-to-mode-1) from EV-Box in Almere. Although it is an expensive cable, it is really worth it.

My experience sofar is that with some creativity, a schuko connector is often found. Just asking at a cafe, restaurant, etc. usually works. Therefore I always carry a 10m extension cord in the back of my Twizy.


That cable is indeed much more elegant, how much does it cost ?
Where can I order it online ? (I really don’t want to go all the way to Almere to buy cable)

I will keep your creative suggestion for the time I’m getting truly desperate :wink: