Charger adapter/extension lead

So my daughter got in a pickle today, presuming street chargers that say they have 3 pin plugs would work. Luckily made it back to her friends and an extension lead solved her issues, but she was very stressed!

I see some folk have adaptors that mean you can use the car charger points, is there a particular one that’s good, and can we then use any street charger? I am completely clueless on chargers volts etc!

Any advice gratefully received, so that I don’t wast a fortune on the wrong thing.

Are you in Europe on the 2 pin plug, or the uk with a 3 pin plug?

EVBitz sell a very nice type 2 adaptor with a waterproof plug socket on the end. It is 3 pin but I am sure if you emailed or asked he could make it with a Euro plug attachment.
The reason this is so good is because it has a little key on the type 2 plug that means you can use it on the charging network and be able to remove it.

Oh thank you so much for replying. I am in Carshalton Surrey UK on a 3 pin plug, so that’s fab. I’ll take a look.