Charger failed need advice

I have just acquired my first twizy 2012 out of warranty. paid £1000 to get it through the mot and for two months it ran fine. Now it won’t charge. When I plug it in it starts the charge cycle correctly and after 30 to 40 seconds it switches off. Turning the ignition switch on sets it charging again for 30 to 40 secs then off again. And so on. Believe this is a charger fault. This twizy will never see a Renault garage again. Has anyone any help or advice? How to rig up an external charger? How to remove the charger so I can get it checked out? Or is this twizy destined for the engine change?

Do the fans on the charger start?
If not then it might be a simple fix to remove a stone stuck in the fans and stop it over heating and cutting out.

Where to look. Under the floor panel in the front of the Twizy where your feet go. Same place as the hand brake adjuster and balancer.

Have you driven in deep water?

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Everything is normal charger starts up (fan running) it stops after 30 secs and will start up again on the key being turned on for 30secs and turn off again. No puddles involved dry garage. Lifted panel all okay. Don’t want to drift off subject the 12v is fine. Charger won’t start now on plugging in and only on turning on the ignition system and then turns off after 30secs.

When it dd come on did it look like it was charging?
The next point of call was the 12V battery under load not holding the relays in.
Then check you socket voltage. It needs to be below 245V Although that doesn’t usually turn the charger off rather the charger ignores it and pretends to charge while either not actually doing anything or discharging the battery!

Check the 12V battery under load and ensure it does not drop down to 12.2 V or below. In fact ti should go up as soon as charging starts. Failing that you will have to pull the charger out and start looking it over. No specific pointers as I haven’t had to do that to mine yet!

Where are you based?

My charger blew up 1 week before the 4 year warranty expired but I think the symptoms were different to yours? When I plugged the Twizy in to charge it just showed it not charging. A trip to Renault Fanrborough had it sorted - under warranty luckily - new charger fitted.

In worst case I can sell You charger from my twizy. I bought few weeks ago second car for the spare parts: right rear suspension, driver chair, plastics, wheel (my first twizy has small crash). I get for realy small money second car from 2013 so I have many parts (excluding parts replaced from my car after crash and destroyed in those spare-parts car)

I have charger worked, AirBag, front suspension, sevcon for twizy 45, 12kW letrika engine with twizy 45 wariator etc

AQqI am in Plymouth. Now more bad news. Turns out I don’t own the drive battery and have received the RCI letter to lease it. There is no way on this planet I am taking the lease. Options 1, tell them to come and take the battery at my convenience 2, get them to buy the Twizy.

If they don’t take either of these options I have a twizt with a broken charger. 12v battery replaced just in case this was the issue. No change. Lights up starts charging all as normal 30secs cuts out.

This Twizy is destined for an engine change.

Well I am in shock. E mailed RCI with three options, buy back car from me, remove battery, give me battery. They have just responded and have given me the battery. Seems buying the Twizy with no knowledge of the lease was the key. Now to repair the charger. Any advice I am nearly tempted to just give it to Renault and repair it for the new charger as I believe that is the issue. I wish I just knew it was that.

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Lucky man. To be given the battery by RCI I suspect they think it is the battery and not the charger.

Just to remind me. When you put it on charge do all the fans on the charger come on. The charger fans are quite loud? If not the first port of call is to check the fans have not got a stone stuck in them. It may simply be thermal cut on the charger.

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Hi Osbrook.

Everything works as it should, lights, noise from fans, display all correct after 30 secs it switches off.

I have checked the house supply and it is 243v so within the tolerance changed the 12 battery. So the basics are all correct.

RCI do not know the car is not charging so unless they have a connection to the car they cant know the battery is defective. Symptoms are charger failure. Battery holds current level of charge and car drives. i have just driven the car to Renault for systems check to find the issue.

Unless you to can find someone local to help then it’s back to Renault to help I’m afraid, :scream:

Well took it to Renault and new charger and £1000 pounds lighter, but really pleased to have the twizy back. I have got the old charger any ideas what to do with it? By the way Glen at Renault Plymouth knows his stuff and a quick job.

I’d be interested in taking a look at the faulty charger

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We should let one of the two EV specialist look at it. Or a local electronics expert
Then people will know for next time.

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