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Charger "fault"

My Twizy just had its first year service. Luckily for me, it showed a fault while charging the night before. The fan came on, but there was no sound of air blowing. It appeared to charge OK but eventually the service light came on, with the electro fault indicator (a bit confusing). Since I needed to take it in, I charged it in anyway, I decided to charge it in 30 minute bursts, letting it cool in between. With a full charge I made it to the dealer. Apparently, a stone had been sucked or thrown up into the fan housing, stopping the blades. Once removed, this fixed the problem and now all is well again. The actual service takes about 45 minutes, apparently. The fan is there to cool the charger, rather than the batteries, I was told.

The actual service takes about 45 minutes

My Twizy is almost a year old, so must need one to keep the warranty valid.
What is involved and how much did the service cost :slight_smile:


My Twizy had its first service done a few weeks ago. The garage said really there was not much to be done, except check the brakes. It cost nothing as it comes with the 4 year package. What surprised me is they said the next service is in 2 years time. However I will igonre that and will have it serviced after another year. Afterall it’s free.

Did you get a service book when you took it in, or did you get that when you bought the Twizy?

I’m not sure if I have one, as mentioned on here before there seemed to be so much paperwork handed over, it all just went into a big box upstairs for when I need it lol.

The service record sheets are in the actual Driver’s Handbook, near the back 6.8. I’ve got them to stamp it after the service.

Ahhhh thanks. Will need to get mine booked in over the next week.

Looks like I’ve got the same problem.

I’d just dropped a friend off (gave him a lift into town) and the Twizy threw its “SERVICE” light on a few times, flashed the dash (-- instead of speedometer) and the battery warning light.

I happened to be near the dealer, so just drove straight there, in case the problem decided to resurface. They’re looking at it now, but it sounds like a fan fault from what I’ve been told.

I’m not surprised: the charger is right at the bottom of the car and has very little protection against it and the outside world…

Still, it’s not impressive for just 1500 miles of travel. C’mon Renault!

My charger was doing that, got stuck 60 miles away with 4 miles range and no way of getting it to charge. It had been messing about for a few days before but normally kicked in eventually. Must of looked quite funny me cursing under the car checking the charger connectors wearing a tux… Renault have changed the charger (3 days ago), but I’m not sure it’s quite right yet.

Sounds like the same fault I have today. Left the Twizy charging last night but this morning was still at 25% with the fan still on. Tried a couple more times after checking the mains supply but no luck. Coincidently it was booked for a service tomorrow but I’ve had it transported to Renault straight away with only 4 miles range remaining. Its a shame as its been fault free for 2300 miles until now.

So this is a common problem now. Why isn’t Renault fixing all our chargers?

I’ve had enough: I’ve put my twizy up for sale. A fun thing isn’t a fun thing if its always a broken thing.

Sorry to hear this Nikki-how many miles had yours done? What problems did you have in total?

Aside from all the dealer cockups…

The twizy has had a puncture which meant finding replacement wheels was a big issue.

More recently, I ha the charger fault… And the windows came off, damaging the paint as the snapped out of the mounting point.

Then another as-yet unsolved fault.

The last three came within six days of one another, and we’ve had enough.

We’re trading our Twizy in (at a big loss) alongside our Prius (at a break web point) to get a brand new 2013 Volt.

My wife has been driving my LEAF for commuting 80 miles a day, but apparently they’re putting charging at work soon. So the Volt’s 35 mile range will give her about 70 miles a day in EV mode and 10 miles at 35 mpg.

And I get my LEAF back. :wink:

Sounds like a plan. I do like the Volt-looks good-and as you say you get your LEAF back. I take it that the Renault experience had a part in buying the Volt and not a ZOE?

Have you done the deal and signed up? Trading in sounds like a good plan in view if things.

What are your final thoughts on:
1/ the Twizy?
2/ Renault?

I’ve really enjoyed your posts and hope you keep posting. Show us some pics of your updated fleet when the change is done :cool:

My twizy also decided charging was an optional extra Friday was puting it on charge at work, nothing no fan or lights checked the fuse, it had gone chaged it still no lights or fan swiched on car and has service and battary fault showing, rang the ev care line no joy they know nothing all they would do is send a tow truck and I would have to to go to my local enterprise car rental on Saturday as was to late for Friday was 4:30 so rang Renault Wolverhampton where I got the car from and they did somthing as 10 min later I had the truck there and a hire car waiting for me at the garage and a fed up Renault man who was also saying how useless the ev helpline is, hope it’s fixed soon I am missing her

My charger broke on Friday, almost exactly a year after I bought the Twizy. It wasn’t taking on any extra charge and I had to have it delivered to Renault on a flatbed as there was not quite enough charge remaining to drive it there myself.
They found the fault but the part will take a week to source :frowning:

Wow, I didn’t expect there to be such a recurring theme going on here… Renault changed my charger and luckily they had one in stock in Maidstone (as they had misdiagnosed someone else’s Twizy) was that anyone on here’s car? After that mine has still had charging problems and gone back to Maidstone Renault. They suggested it might be my mains supply here. but that’s not the case I eliminated that… However a diagnosis is not rocket science as there’s only 2 things that can affect it. The charger (which has already been changed) and the battery. Considering Renault treat both as sealed units and allow no dealer adjustment to either, all they can do is change the two things, they have changed one, now it’s time to change the other… I’ve isolated that mine is troublesome when it’s down below 4 miles range left. I’ve been on the back of the Eclipse transporter 3 times (it’s Inter Partner Assist that run the EV recovery line, phone number on the Twizy window). It didn’t help that they had my name but Renault UK HQ’s address down for me. It took a while before they agreed I was me and didn’t live at Renault HQ…

I’ll be really sad to see you sell the Twizy! Nikki, your bit on the OVMS was great! I shared links to your article on the Twizytech FB page, you have a fan here! :slight_smile: BTW what sim card did you use with yours, I’m having a bugger of a time with a Virgin mobile sim, it’s useless, can’t connect to the OVMS server at all through it. M

Me too. I noticed that extwizyowners.com is still available if this trend catches on.

Thing is, apart from making sure you are connected to a decent power socket (try the cooker socket if you can get your cable to reach to exclude a mains issue) there is only the charger or that battery to cause any problem. Renault dealers have no access to changing car parameters and aren’t allowed to “fix” connectors, so their choices are swap the battery or swap the charger. It’s a 50 - 50 choice and if one doesn’t work it must be the other. It should be fixed in 2 visits at most. It’s not like it takes much diagnosis, if it’s showing problems and Power Socket (and that’s important for us as users to test properly and make sure) has been excluded, then it wants swapping out. M

I believe the 12V battery also affects charging. However 2 visits with 2-3 months for parts each time is far too long. My dealer is a 35 mile round trip, ie. at least half a day wasted. If I have a fault I expect it to go in one day and be fixed within 3-5 working days. Not wait months for parts and then change the wrong part. Parts for most other cars are available same day.

Now this has become a common fault then there should be a load spares sat on a self in Renault UK, ready to swap out.